Thursday, December 28, 2023


 This interview will clear up any confusion that one or two who post here, about Pope Benedict’s thoughts about the current papacy within the context of unconditional obedience to defined, orthodox truth…

And please note what Peter Seewald says about Cardinal Pizzaballa! Odd that I post about Pizzaballa today only to have Seewald confirm for me that he might make a great corrective pope compared to what we have experienced for almost 11 years!


Seewald: Francis wants to erase Benedict XVI's legacy

Gay couples, Latin Mass, sexual abuse, purging of the men most closely associated with Benedict, the appointment of Fernández: Pope Francis has done everything he could to destroy what his predecessor had built. One year after the death of Benedict XVI, his biographer and friend Peter Seewald speaks out.


Unknown said...

Uh actually Benedict praised Francis!

Uh actually Francis is just continuing Benedict's work!

Uh actually every pope since the most successful ecumenical council ever has been holy, holy, holy. And if you question their orthodox, I will make sure to hound you repeatedly about it!

[insert excessively lengthy block quote here].


TJM said...


LOL!! Soon to be a classic!

ByzRus said...

Sound the air-raid siren.

Someone should be gearing up to provide 2 feet of quotations for this one.


The sky must be bluer, the hills greener, the clouds fluffier and the bunnies softer in that holy bubble.

As I've harped about today, it stuns me from an Eastern perspective how blinded some are while continuing to erase their patrimony in favor of "innovation".

I'm not quite done reading through the interview, but, the point regarding the timing of FS vis-a-vis the Feast of the Nativity says it all. The birth of the savior takes a back seat to social/political considerations. In the East, we have been wholly focused on the Nativity Fast, scripture, scriptural justification for what we do and how, the word made flesh etc. FS threw many of us for a loop timing-wise. Obviously, it disrupted our hierarchy who then had to manage applicablity, or lack thereof relative to our structure, what blessings mean in Eastern Christianity and our canons.

Jerome Merwick said...


Without glorifying the cringe-inducing kiss-_ss you are referring to, you make a great point: I teach writing and there I do not allow students to use any more than nine words in any direct quote. Of course, giving up that habit is about as easy as getting them to put down their cell phones.

Mark Thomas said...

It is unbelievable to me that it has been nearly 365 days since Pope Benedict XVI had fallen asleep in the Lord. Joseph Ratzinger had spent his time on earth steeped in holiness. It was clear that he loved God and Holy Mother Church.

Unfortunately, he faced the same horrific situation as had befallen Popes Saint Paul VI, John Paul II, as well as Francis: That is, during Pope Benedict XVI's reign, millions of Catholics throughout the West had abandon the Church.

In 2012 A.D., Pope Benedict XVI declared that "in vast areas of the earth faith risks being extinguished, like a flame that is no longer fed. We are facing a profound crisis of faith, a loss of the religious sense that constitutes the greatest challenge to the Church today."

In 2005 A.D., as Cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger portrayed the Church's spiritual condition in horrific terms. "How much filth there is in the church, even among those who, in the priesthood, should belong entirely to Him. Lord, your Church often seems like a boat about to sink, a boat taking in water on every side. In your field we see more weeds than wheat. The soiled garments and face of your Church throw us into confusion."

But the following reminds me of Pope Francis' unrelenting joy, as well as optimistic view of the Church's future: Then-Cardinal Ratzinger added to his above-horrific description of the Church:

"Satan laughs, for he hopes that you will not be able to rise from that fall; he hopes that being dragged down in the fall of your Church, you will remain prostrate and overpowered."

"But you will rise again. You stood up, you arose and you can also raise us up. Save and sanctify your Church. Save and sanctify us all."

Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI had/has critics just as vicious in their vile, Satanic attacks against him as is the case in regard to Peter Seewald's vile attacks against
Pope Francis.

But as is the case with Pope Francis, the overwhelming amount of the Holy People of God stood, and continue to stand, with Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI.

Deo gratias for holy Joseph Ratzinger, whom God had raised to serve as Pope.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

In February 2022 A.D., about 10 months prior to his having fallen asleep in the Lord, Pope Benedict XVI offered the following beautiful, uplifting, hopeful remarks.

The following provides each of us with courage, as well as hope, to face our hour of death.

"And so, I can only pray to the Lord and ask all the angels and saints, and you, dear brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord our God."

"Quite soon, I shall find myself before the final judge of my life. Even though, as I look back on my long life, I can have great reason for fear and trembling, I am nonetheless of good cheer, for I trust firmly that the Lord is not only the just judge, but also the friend and brother who himself has already suffered for my shortcomings, and is thus also my advocate, my “Paraclete”.

"In light of the hour of judgement, the grace of being a Christian becomes all the more clear to me. It grants me knowledge, and indeed friendship, with the judge of my life, and thus allows me to pass confidently through the dark door of death."

"In this regard, I am constantly reminded of what John tells us at the beginning of the Apocalypse: he sees the Son of Man in all his grandeur and falls at his feet as though dead. Yet He, placing his right hand on him, says to him: “Do not be afraid! It is I…”


Mark Thomas

DJR said...

Dutch Bishop Rob Mutsaerts rejects Fiducia Supplicans.

Bishops of Hungary reject Fiducia Supplicans: "We should always avoid giving a common blessing to couples who live together in a non-marital relationship, in a marriage not valid in the Church, or in a homosexual partnership [because they constitute mortal sin]."

Bishop of Wote, Kenya (Paul Kariuki Njiru) completely rejects Fiducia Supplicans.

From the letter to his priests and religious: "In conclusion, the Declaration of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith 'Fiducia Supplicans' should be rejected in totality, and we faithfully uphold the Gospel teachings and Catholic traditional teachings on marriage and sexuality."

Further: "I hereby prohibit all priests in the Catholic Diocese of Wote from blessing of couples in irregular situation or same-sex couples. Therefore, to bless couples in an irregular situation or the same-sex couples who are not ready for conversion directly and seriously contradicts the Scripture Teachings and Sound Magisterium. Worse more still, in this 21st Century, it will only support the propagandist of the globalist and ungodly gender ideology."

Bishops of Angola and São Tomé reject Fiducia Supplicans, forbid its implementation.

The Catholic Church is indeed "booming" in Africa, as we have been told here on this blog, and the overwhelming majority of Africans appear to reject Fiducia Supplicans, some of them even calling it heretical.

DJR said...
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Catechist Kev said...

Mister Nick,

You forgot your “Pax”!

Mark Thomas said...

The following demonstrates the beautiful, powerful continuity between the respective Pontificates of Popes Benedict XVI, as well Francis, in regard to the issues of peace, justice, and global economy:

From Pope Benedict XVI's Encyclical CARITAS IN VERITATE:

"...there is a strongly felt need...for a reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth."

"One also senses the urgent need to find innovative ways of implementing the principle of the responsibility to protect and of giving poorer nations an effective voice in shared decision-making."

"This seems necessary in order to arrive at a political, juridical and economic order which can increase and give direction to international cooperation for the development of all peoples in solidarity."

"To manage the global economy; to revive economies hit by the crisis; to avoid any deterioration of the present crisis and the greater imbalances that would result; to bring about integral and timely disarmament, food security and peace; to guarantee the protection of the environment and to regulate migration: for all this, there is urgent need of a true world political authority, as my predecessor Blessed John XXIII indicated some years ago."

"The integral development of peoples and international cooperation require the establishment of a greater degree of international ordering...and to the link between politics and the economic and civil spheres, as envisaged by the Charter of the United Nations."


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Pope Benedict XVI's wonderful portrayal of Pope Francis is at odds with Peter Seewald's hateful portrayal of Pope Francis. Pope Benedict XVI had made it clear that Pope Francis was his true friend and brother in Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis had stood with, and offered great support, to Pope Benedict XVI during vicious attacks against Pope Benedict XVI's honesty, as well as legacy.

For example: Pope Benedict XVI has been attacked viciously, within, and without the Church, in regard to his having covered supposedly for priests who had abused minors sexually.

On February 8, 2022 A.D., Pope Benedict XVI, in regard to the Munich Report that was unfavorable to him, declared:

"To me it proved deeply hurtful that this oversight was used to cast doubt on my truthfulness, and even to label me a liar."

"At the same time, I have been greatly moved by the varied expressions of trust, the heartfelt testimonies and the moving letters of encouragement sent to me by so many persons."

"I am particularly grateful for the confidence, support and prayer that Pope Francis personally expressed to me."

During Pope Benedict XVI's darkest hour, at his side, in holy, loyal fashion, had stood Pope Francis.

Pope Benedict XVI's positive, uplifting portrayal of Pope Francis, stands in monumental opposition to Peter Seewald's hateful portrayal of Pope Francis. I trust Pope Benedict XVI's wonderful portrayal of Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...

Well to be fair, there IS some continuity here, staring us right in the face. It's here on this page and its persistent presence is a total pain in the _ss, but it IS here.

'Nuff said.

rcg said...

This interview sums up my personal observations and conclusions. The only thing missing is answering how Bergoglio was elected in the first place. What allies did he have to execute his vision? It seems the answer is the European bishops supported him to get to the place they are, or nearly are, today. So we are left wondering where the next conclave will go if that situation does not change.

Unknown said...


It truly is a hard habit to break, and many never do.

Catechist Kev,

I don't know how I shall ever recover. Pax.


ByzRus said...

Shame I can't post images.

St. Seraphim Zvezdinsky stating the obvious regarding Liturgy, that gift that has been trampled to death in the West.

ByzRus said...

I can't post the St. Seraphim's meme. Let's try again. It sums things up perfectly.

What the Saint said is the following (if the link again breaks): "The Liturgy is the diamond, that priceless gift from Christ. The Liturgy is the river, strengthening and refreshing, flowing from the side of Christ. The Liturgy is the golden bridge, the only path to eternal life."

You might ask why I'm quoting Orthodox materials. Firstly, it's wholly relevant, secondly, we Byzantine Ruthenians are wholly aligned with our Orthodox brothers despite their opinions of us such that we regularly leverage their materials. We're about pravda/truth, nothing but.

DJR said...

Argentina Catholic lawyers association reject Fiducia Supplicans.

Bishops of Togo reject Pope Francis' "declaration" Fiducia Supplicans.

"In his reply to the Dubia of Two Cardinals on July 11, 2023, Pope Francis writes: 'Rites and prayers are inadmissible which could cause confusion between that which constitutes marriage, namely "an exclusive, stable and indissoluble union between a man and a woman, naturally open to the procreation of children" and that which contradicts it.' For this reason, as regards the blessing of homosexual couples, the bishops of Togo direct priests to refrain from doing this."

Deo gratias for the orthodox bishops from Africa, where the Church is booming!

TJM said...

Sounds like a ton of faithful bishops are rejecting the Vatican’s apostasy