Thursday, December 28, 2023


 Pierbattista Cardinal Pizzaballa is the celebrant of just about as best you can get Solemn Sung Christmas Midnight Latin Mass in the Novus Ordo. Cardinal Pizzaballa was named recently by Pope Francis as a Cardinal. He has a great name, no?

But his liturgical abilities and sensibilities are far from the drab ones of Pope Francis. 

1. The good Cardinal wears ornate vestments with a bejeweled mitre! 

2. The Mass is in Latin and the Cardinal chants in Latin the Epiclesis through the two consecrations!

3. The bells are rung at the elevations but again, as the cardinal genuflects, modeled after the TLM’s bell ringing. 

4. There is a sense of beauty, mystery and awe. 

You can watch the facebook video of the Mass HERE!


ByzRus said...

Quite the name, quasi alliterative?

Does his surname translate literally to "Pie Dance"?

I know a RC priest, a regular celebrant of the TLM who as well does the double genuflection among other things TLM related. I always assumed it was driven by muscle memory, he admitted as much when I asked, but it's amazing how these simple movements elevate a liturgy that requires as little choreography or as much as the celebrant desires. To me, it makes it less pedestrian despite how some here will criticize me for suggesting it could be. I may be very unsophisticated, wholly stuck on my fetishes and filled with satan as I wouldn't follow the current occupant of the throne into a pit of fire, however, I like what I like, I prefer dignified to mundane and if we're going to worship our newly born savior, I'd prefer to give it my all elevating and embellishing whenever and wherever possible that's just how much I want to be doing this and getting it as right as my mortal understanding allows. Wait.....I'm Byzantine Ruthenian.....We already do this....Nevermind.

ByzRus said...


You know, and regarding the pectoral cross over the chasuable practice, I wish the RC would just codify it as permissible already. Given the RC's penchant for stating and codifying things that don't necessarily require restating or codification, one has to wonder why this practice, arguably an organic development yet inconsistent with proper vesting hasn't yet been addressed. For whatever reason, perhaps because our priests and bishops do the same, it doesn't bother me.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

No it would mean Dancing Pizza! Pie in Italian is torta. Pizza Pie is Torta di Pizza.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful Mass! The sanctuary is even symmetrical. Merry Christmas!


Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, thank you for having called attention to the splendid Midnight Mass from the Holy Land.

It is unfortunate that despite the holiness and beauty of the Mass in question, there are folks who insist that no matter what, any "Novus Ordo Mass" remains a Jewish/Protestant/Masonic "imposter" Mass that must be destroyed.


Mark Thomas