Sunday, December 17, 2023


Liturgical abuses, which amount to a rejection of Vatican II and its proper reforms, are given a pass by the most hyper-ultra montane blogs, like “Where Peter Is”,  while the minuscule number of hyper rad-trads are sent to the Guillotine just because of the Mass they love and are equally critical of Vatican II as are hyper Progressive, anti Vatican II, as it is written, leftist Catholics. 

This kind of  anti-Vatican II liturgical abuse is far greater in the number of participants than anti-Vatican II rad trads, far fewer in number. 


But then, Where Peter Is touts a Brazilian Cardinal who bitterly complains about one rad-trad priest who is trying to rad trad radicalize his devout followers. Of all the liturgical abuses in the Brazilian Church, why would this cardinal freak out over one rad-trad off-the-wall priest? And why would “Where Peter Is” think that rad trad-off-the-wall traditionalists, far fewer in number, than rad liberal off-the-wall progressives are more of a threat to Vatican II than, let’s say, the entire nation of Germany???

Think about what is happening and has happened to the European Church when rad leftists progressives get in charge. Holland comes to mind in the immediate aftermath of Vatican II and today, the whole nation of Germany with most of its bishops spiraling into heresy and schism. They get a pass!

Brazilian cardinal slams radtrad claims on X

Cardinal Odilo Scherer of the Archdiocese of São Paulo, Brazil, took to social media on Saturday to make a series of posts offering correction to several popular traditionalist claims about the Second Vatican Council and the liturgical reforms. Scherer, who was appointed archbishop of the world’s third-largest diocese and made cardinal by Pope...


Jerome Merwick said...

Just as the intolerant, rigid Francis continues to posture himself as the smiling, open, tolerant, kindly old pope that he isn't, he parallels the "liberality" of the Democratic Party (of which I was once foolishly attached to) whose current doddering White House resident continues to bumble around with his fake smile while his puppeteers forward their disingenuous America-last tirade of tolerating everything except opposing viewpoints.

And the despicable lie of "Rad Trads" poisoning the Church has its parallel in an equally despicable (and demonstrably phony) lie that the current administration has attempted to foist upon us: "The biggest threat to America is white racism." Yet, just as you can find example after example of "Catholic" liturgical abuses that violate the very Vatican II these liars have placed their flag upon, so too can we find daily examples, everywhere on the news (or often suppressed by certain media) of the very opposite kind of racism: Black-on-white racism and violence with no end in sight while our leaders deny it, lie to us and insist that what we see isn't really happening.

Of course, just POSTING this idea targets one for FBI surveillance, after all, the Ministry of Truth must CONTROL public perceptions. So I'll just quote another source: The Heritage Foundation from their 2022 report Who Suffers Most From the Crime Wave?:

"From 2011 to 2020, the percentage of total violent offenders who were white fell 3.4% to 58%. With respect to homicide specifically, the percentage fell by 0.8% to 43.1%. By contrast, over the same period, the percentage of total violent offenders who were black rose 2.4% to 39.4%. And with respect to homicide, the percentage rose 0.3% to 54.7%."

New York City has, for some time, been ground zero for "The Knockout Game" where young black people sucker punch older or weaker-looking people for the sheer enjoyment of watching them fall to the ground.

Jerome Merwick said...

Part 2:

Do Black Lives Matter? Certainly! But while their "peaceful" minions were burning down our cities during the Covid lockdowns (and exempted from violating the lockdowns), if anyone dared to state the other obvious truth, that ALL LIVES MATTER, they were treated with contempt as "racists".

Black Americans have Carte Blanche to make any kind of racist invective they wish against white people and there are NO CONSEQUENCES. If anything a white person says can be even REMOTELY construed as racist, they are cancelled and often arrested and subject to public shaming.

Have you watched all of those videos what we see from inside airplanes and airports of people throwing fits in public or starting fights? What percentage of them are white? What percentage of them are black?

Have you ever sat next to a table full of black people in a restaurant and listened to them complain about how someone they know is "acting white"? You will hear a level of vicious hatred that would make a Nazi blush.

Do you think the current anti-Semitic president of Harvard U would still be retaining her coveted job if she were a white male or female?

The Church is suffering under an administrative, double standard of rank hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of what Traditionalist are versus what we are TOLD they are. The same is true in the secular world, when all white people are "guilty until proven innocent" of racism, while certain elements of the black population have free rein to vent their spleen at the white people they have been raised and taught to despise.

Neither is just. Neither can last.

If the Church is for ALL Catholics and if the Mass that formed the majority of our saints was good then, then it cannot be harmful now.

If racism is wrong for white people (and it is) then it is equally wrong for black people.

And when people who have an axe to grind attain the highest levels of power and give in to their lowest urges for vengeance, hypocrisy reigns.

Biden is the Bergoglio of American politics.
Bergolio is the Biden of the Church.

I hope we can survive them both. But I have my doubts.

TJM said...

Well Jerome Merwick take a gander at this article on "Biden's America." Of course, fake Catholic bishops and priests willfully ignore this or perhaps they secretly wish to join in the "fun."

Unknown said...

It may be that "trads" are most disposed to keep coming to Mass and giving out of their hard-won earnings. Not so those who would see the Church change to resemble the world. So, trads are the easiest against whom to issue reprovals.


rcg said...

I urge caution with this rhetoric for a couple of reasons. First it is essentially pig wrestling in that we would be stooping to the same level as the race-baiters. Secondly, the majority of victims of black crime are black. Our political system has erected the colosseum of crime and locked our black citizens in it. It is perhaps unfair but also true that such complaints can be considered ‘racist’ for the convenience of our nation’s enemies.

I had a similar conversation some years ago when someone made a comment about white supremacists being the most dangerous domestic terrorists. I was skeptical mainly based on my assessment of the white supremacists I had encountered as being mentally dull. A week or two later, the Morrow Building in Oklahoma City was bombed. The bottom line is, of course, that it doesn’t take much intelligence to destroy something, only motivation and a little knowledge. The evil person who has been trumpeting this for political purposes makes his trade with this sort of thing to divide our country for short-sighted personal gain. Again, we should not rise to the bait, but rise above it.

Jerome Merwick said...


I essentially agree with you. I was using the race issue as one example of the hypocrisy we live in that is reinforced by media and government. There is always a danger in talking about race, because for many, no matter what one says, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. I normally prefer to just leave it alone.

TJM said...

And we have NBC “News” blaming conservative websites for reporting Senator Cardin’s staffer filming himself having anal, gay sex in a Senate Hearings room. O Tempora, O Mores!