Wednesday, December 20, 2023


 Germany and maybe one or two other countries have “schismatic” bishops promoting liturgical blessings of couples in illicit/immoral relationships. These liturgical blessings, formal in nature, approximate nuptial blessings.

I do not know of these kinds of things happening publicly in the USA. I don’t think the ministry “Courage” would have or will do it. Fr. James Martin, S.J. may well have done it in the past and other heterodox ministries to the LGBTQ+++ ideological, political movements wanting to destroy Scripture, Tradition and Natural Law as the basis for Catholic morality.

Now that the pope has clarified that liturgical blessings are not allowed, if the Germans or any country’s bishops continue to allow and promote them, will Pope Francis threaten them with excommunication?

La Croix is saying about 400 priests in India are about to be excommunicated because they are progressives and refuse, refuse I say, to celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist ad orientem as their synod has mandated so they have a uniform liturgy. 

If, after excommunication, they continue to celebrate Mass, they will be in schism. 

I pray the pope will be as harsh with the schismatic bishops in the world disobeying the most recent declaration on no liturgical celebrations of couples in illicit and immoral sexual unions. 

We’ll have to see, no?


Jerome Merwick said...

Jesus promised us that "the gates of Hell would not prevail" against His Church.

He did not promise that we would never have apostasy in the Church. He never promised that we would not have bad teachings that needed to be reversed. He never promised that we would not have bad popes. He never promised that there would be no heresies. We can look back and see, that for a brief period, the overwhelming number of priests and bishops were Arians and good bishops, like St. Athanasius, paid the price for their faithfulness. We've been here before. Jesus didn't promise that we wouldn't be faced with confusing messes. At one point, we had three men simultaneously claiming to be the legitimate pope and good, even holy people supported each of the individuals in question.

Maybe it would help us to consider that perhaps, just maybe, we are privileged.

God made a sacred covenant with His people in the Old Testament and they broke faith with Him more than once. They were punished by conquerers, enslavement, wars, scandalous kings and, eventually, losing the Promised Land altogether and being scattered throughout the earth. The Jews are still God's people. He kept HIS word.

Jerome Merwick said...


Jesus gave us a new covenant. Time and again, we have broken our end of the deal. In modern times, He allowed His Mother to warn us, even giving us a miracle in 1917 that makes Jesus' miracles in the gospels look like amateur night. She told us through her messenger, Sister Lucy, that a special secret MUST be revealed to the world in 1960. The pope of that time, by all appearances a good, maybe even holy man, decided differently and did not obey. He forced HIS vision upon the Church in the form of a council. Call the council what you want, good or bad, but there can be no denying that the Church has been steadily moving in a more chaotic direction since that Council took place.

Are we so arrogant as to think that if God allowed His chosen people to be enslaved and scattered and abused that He would not allow His Church to disintegrate? He hasn't broken His end of the bargain. But what have WE done?

When all the interpreters of this modern council told us what needed to be changed, did we read the documents ourselves, or did we just blindly accept what they told us? When every change that seemed to indicate a relaxation of various disciplines were initiated, did we ask questions or look for ourselves, or did we just enthusiastically agree that it's high time that we relax and stop being so uptight? And when the few Catholics among us who resisted some of these changes spoke their minds, did we even LISTEN to them or did we just dismiss them, ignore them or laugh at them for being "out of touch"?

God, in His mercy, seeing that no pope would obey His Mother's wishes, sent the SAME message (we have it on Pope Benedict's word) to a nun in Akita, Japan. This time the message is out there, and few are bothering to listen: There will be apostasy in the highest levels (GET THAT? HIGHEST, NOT "HIGHER") of the Church and, if we do not repent, if we don't change course, we will face punishments that will make the living envy the dead. And what are our Church leaders doing? I'll give you a clue: They're not leading us towards a holier Church. You can bet the farm on that.

We are privileged. We are living in a special time. God has given us the Church we asked for--a Church that is steadily moving in a direction of requiring nothing from its members. The Church that requires nothing will soon--at least in its "official" capacity--offer us nothing, not even grace. Grace will be found in the remnant (sorry, that's the only word that seems to work) of courageous priests and bishops who will be forced underground. The imposters will own the buildings and run the official apparatus.

We are privileged because this is the kind of time that allows saints to be formed. We are soon going to have to choose sides.

The Jews were so certain that since they were God's chosen people, that nothing bad was going to happen to them. Some Catholics seem to be lost in the same delusional hubris.

It can't happen here? Open your eyes. It's already happened.

TJM said...

This will ruin our resident papalotor and bootlicker's morning. The "vibrant" Novus Ordo Church in Africa is rejecting Pope Francis' order on blessing perverted unions:

The Conference of Bishops of Malawi:

"Blessings of any kind and for same sex unions of any kind are not permitted in Malawi."