Friday, July 24, 2015


You may notice that there is a script on the blog that blots out part of my post. I was trying to copy and paste something earlier that wouldn't. And now this is happening and I have no idea how to clear it up.

I thought it was on the post where the inability to paste something I had copied wouldn't happen. So I deleted that post but the script that wouldn't paste is now pasting over other posts.

What's up with that???? How do I get rid of it?????


Rood Screen said...

Do you paste into "Compose" mode or "html" mode? The buttons are at the top left as you post.

The Greek said...

Fr. McDonald:

I'm not seeing anything on the screen right now, but earlier it was a jumbled mess on one of the posts. Have you fixed it? Flavius is good with web code and stuff. He maintains a private site, so he might know something.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Fixed it but had to delete some thins

George said...

Dialogue is correct in that for anything to display properly on a web page, it must be in a format that the web browser recognizes, such as html (hypertext markup language) or languages such as javascript or VBscript. If you want to view the underlying code that the Web browser interprets, right click on the page and select "view source" or "view page source" in the context menu.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald said..."Fixed it but had to delete some thins."

Father, you can tell us...are you Ricky Ricardo?