Wednesday, July 8, 2015


When it comes to the Word of God, the Word of God judges the world. The world does not judge the Word of God!

Of course the world constantly judges the Word of God, the apex of which is the trial of Jesus Christ.

The same thing that came of this will come to all who did not learn that the Word of God is the ultimate judge of the world.


Anonymous said...

Please blog about what theological insights you might have gained during your stay in Baltimore. Was this a refresher experience of what you were taught in seminary or a new understanding of the Catholic faith (if that is possible for a priest after being a pastor for a good number of years)?


Paul said...

This conference is taking place at the Thomistic Institute:

As revelation of Truth is ongoing one would wise not to miss Him.

Anonymous said...

Today I was treated rather rudely by the FSSP.DO all indult communities treat honest questions with rude arrogant behavior?

Rood Screen said...


Why are you asking Fr. McDonald this question about the FSSP? I'm just curious. Also, could it be that your experience was only a local one, are even limited to particular individuals?

The Greek said...

There are no more 'indult communities'.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:15

What did you ask them to upset the whole community?


Rood Screen said...

It's like the faithless Catholic who very publicly proclaims that he left the Church because some priest or nun was once rude to him. How fragile we are, how delicate, how easily offended when the world fails to bow down in humble service before us.

Lefebvrian said...

Priests, like all of us, have different personalities. Sometimes it is difficult to accept that fact, but it is, nevertheless, a fact. Also, one must consider that one never knows precisely what the priest has been up to before one goes to talk to him: it could be that he has been up all night with a dying parishioner and a distraught family, or he might have just conducted an emergency baptism on an infant in distress.

If I were confronted with the situations in which priests regularly find myself, I can't imagine I would ever be very approachable. It is a special grace they are given to handle these things. But, like all of us, they sometimes are overcome. We need to give them the benefit of the doubt in our interactions with them.

I think that Traditional priests have it particularly difficult since they are usually tasked with ministering to people in a large area, and they are usually isolated from the rest of the Catholic community such as it is. We need to pray for priests.

Anonymous said...

Such such a nice crucifix given to Pope Francis by the Bolivian communist dictator made in the form of the hammer and sickle. We all saw this coming when he walked out onto the loggia that fateful day in Rome. Rome has indeed lost the faith over years ago. And Francis just called Capitalism the work of the devil, Rush Limbaugh had this guy pegged months ago, to bad you are blind to this fact Father, even Father Z. does not even talk about him in his blog any longer, Father Z. woke up.