Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday must have been a boring day for many people, I had the most pages viewed since I began blogging 3,094 as you will note on the chart below and for today and at 6:30 AM in the states, I've had 1057 which is more than I use to get in a 24 hour period. YIKES!

And this is pageviews by country! (Who is reading me in Russia, Malaysia and South Africa??????)

United States 7,767

Philippines 394

Canada 360

United Kingdom 345

Australia 297

India 178

Russia 174

Malaysia 97

South Africa 79

New Zealand 65


Bill said...

Father, it is a sign you are doing good works. Take a deep breath. Relax. Give thanks.

Nate said...

Father, I would guess a lot of the Russian views are based upon the search engines picking up on your talking about Lyra from St. Petersburg.

rcg said...

Ooo. Not good. They were all liberal Catholic university faculty. Except the ones in Malaysia were DNC staff.

ytc said...

Chill out, Father.

Joshua said...

You are sowing hope in quite a few lonely souls in Malaysia Father, where the new liturgical movement has not quite caught up. God bless you.