Saturday, January 21, 2012


UPDATED: RETIRED CARDINAL ROGER MAHONEY OF LOS ANGELES ASKS CATHOLICS TO FIGHT THE ADMINISTRATION OF THEIR ATTEMPTS TO SUPPRESS RELIGIOUS LIBERTY AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE, READ IT BY PRESSING HERE! THE GOOD CARDINAL CAN'T TELL US HOW TO VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, BUT HE CAN TELL US HOW HE IS VOTING AND HE MAKES IT CRYSTAL CLEAR AND I QUOTE: "As Bishops we do not recommend candidates for any elected office. My vote on November 6 will be for the candidate for President of the United States and members of Congress who intend to recognize the full spectrum of rights under the many conscience clauses of morality and public policy. If any candidate refuses to acknowledge and to promote those rights, then that candidate will not receive my vote.

This is a sad moment in the life of our country where religious freedom and freedom of conscience led to the formation of this new Nation under God."

Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan on HHS Conscience Regulation from Rocco Palmo on Vimeo.

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 19:57:45 +0000
DATE: January 20, 2012
FROM: Sr. Mary Ann Walsh



Unconscionable to force citizens to buy contraceptives against their will

No change in limited exemption, only delay in enforcement

Matter of freedom of conscience, freedom of religion

WASHINGTON—The Catholic bishops of the United States called “literally unconscionable” a decision by the Obama Administration to continue to demand that sterilization, abortifacients and contraception be included in virtually all health plans. Today’s announcement means that this mandate and its very narrow exemption will not change at all; instead there will only be a delay in enforcement against some employers.

“In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences,” said Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The cardinal-designate continued, “To force American citizens to choose between violating their consciences and forgoing their healthcare is literally unconscionable. It is as much an attack on access to health care as on religious freedom. Historically this represents a challenge and a compromise of our religious liberty."

The HHS rule requires that sterilization and contraception – including controversial abortifacients – be included among “preventive services” coverage in almost every healthcare plan available to Americans. “The government should not force Americans to act as if pregnancy is a disease to be prevented at all costs,” added Cardinal-designate Dolan.

At issue, the U.S. bishops and other religious leaders insist, is the survival of a cornerstone constitutionally protected freedom that ensures respect for the conscience of Catholics and all other Americans.

“This is nothing less than a direct attack on religion and First Amendment rights,” said Franciscan Sister Jane Marie Klein, chairperson of the board at Franciscan Alliance, Inc., a system of 13 Catholic hospitals. “I have hundreds of employees who will be upset and confused by this edict. I cannot understand it at all.”

Daughter of Charity Sister Carol Keehan, president and chief executive officer of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, voiced disappointment with the decision. Catholic hospitals serve one out of six people who seek hospital care annually.

“This was a missed opportunity to be clear on appropriate conscience protection,” Sister Keehan said.

Cardinal-designate Dolan urged that the HHS mandate be overturned.

“The Obama administration has now drawn an unprecedented line in the sand,” he said. “The Catholic bishops are committed to working with our fellow Americans to reform the law and change this unjust regulation. We will continue to study all the implications of this troubling decision.”


Anonymous said...

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Time to pony up & become radically Catholic - or will we just walk silently to our own Dachau along with the 1.5 million we already allow to die each year here in our pc land of the free & the home of the brave... -pgal

pinanv525 said...

It is time for Priests to condemn Obama and his minions from the name.

Anonymous said...

If not by name, then at least by 'easy to connect the dots' innuendo.

I really like pgal's quote from MLK, Jr...right on!

At this moment, I am proud of our Bishops and grateful to them.
I just hope they get even louder!

Holy Anger is what Jesus had, and it's high time we did too.


Templar said...

While Priests can not attack Obama, or any political figure or party by name from the pulpit, they can attack policy. And by everything that is Holy I think we need to hear it from them on this issue.

Forty odd years ago Pope Paul VI did the one positive thing of his pontificate by releasing Humanae Vitae and his Bishops and Clergy did......NOTHING!!! They left him standing there by himself and not a peep was heard in the pews by the laity, and with that silence has been complicit with the erosion of Catholic moral values. Catholic in Name Only pew sitters will recoil, some will leave, but many others will sit a little taller, and find renewed pride in their Church and their Clergy. Stand and be counted.

Vianney1100 said...

Up here in Minnesota our great archbishop is being a man and telling our priests to preach about the sanctity of marriage. If they choose to do the opposite they will be relieved of their faculties. he knows what is at stake here with the marriage amendment on the ballot in November. as you would expect relativists outside and inside the Church are hitting him with the usual sound bites.
I actually hope that he carries through with his promise and strips them of their faculties when they inevitably rebel, no matter how many do.

Anonymous said...

We need a strong, maybe stronger, Catholic identity for this to happen. People are scarred of confrontation. I have been attacked, verbally, by people quite suddenly with crazed looks in their eye saying that Catholics should be required to adopt all the unwanted babies. While I think this would be a wonderful thing to do, but the people are scarred to death of unwanted children. Obama said in a speech that he would help his daughter get an abortion if she had a teen age pregnancy.

We don't know our priorities.


Anonymous said...

My prediction is that the bishops will roll over. I believe that this is what they did in Connecticut a few years ago when faced with a similar state law. I suppose that their justification was/will be that we are simply rendering unto Caesar and so that makes everything ok.

If we had a few dozen Catholic hospitals close and a fewscore bishops and a few thousand priests and a few million laity hauled into court for noncompliance, it would be a great witness to the faith and a great blow for religious liberty. Just as was the case with the internet SOPA protests, I think the government would fold if that happened. But I can't see this kind of witnessing taking place. I hope I'm wrong about this, but I don't think I am.

pinanv525 said...

With some exceptions, Priests and Bishops are by nature conciliatory and passive. I have known a few, Fr. Mac and Fr. David among them, with the theoretical "stuff" to throw a punch, but I doubt if they ever would (I still would not want either of them angry with me, however). This affects how Priests and Bishops respond to threats and attacks. The faithful have to take up the slack. Many of us have no qualms at all about throwing punches...maybe even a kick or two...