Thursday, January 26, 2012


Now this is a reredos with noble simplicity!
This is a "fiddle back" vestment that really isn't, and it's not really Roman, can anyone spell Hispano-Mozarabic rite? Now those who want me to wear fiddle back, ante up and buy me this and I'll wear it!
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Joseph Johnson said...

You're right Father--that's a beautiful chasuble! Because you have explained your problems with most fiddleback chasubles and have provided this as an acceptable example I can now understand why many priests would not be inclined to wear the typical Roman fiddleback.

I'll just have to start becoming familiar with sources for the this style (with the longer broader front) that you have shown. Liberals or "progressives" are usually all in favor of encouraging diversity. I just like to see more diversity of historical vestment styles--even if they are only from the last 500 years!

Thanks for the illustrative explanation.

Templar said...

These Brides of Christ make vestments for Priests and have a catalog. There appears to be a fiddleback of the long type in the catalog too.

There's even a section for Maniples so Ignotus won't feel left out.

Father Shelton said...

"Short sleeves" is what an OF altar boy calls the Roman chasubles I wear. I'm not sure why the laity would have a strong preference for the Roman or the Gothic, but for priests the Roman are simply less hot. That's a big plus for me in the summer.
But, in the end, I would sacrifice all the traditional options in the OF Mass if we could just have (A.) the Roman Canon (B.) offered ad orientem (i.e. facing the same direction as the faithful or behind a screen) and (C.) in Latin. I can take any other legitimate (i.e. liturgically legal) options, although I would still keep the prie-dieu next to me so the congregation could receive Holy Communion kneeling.

Templar said...

God Bless you Father Shelton. If OF Masses were like even I wouldn't complain.