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On Tuesday, July 9, 2024, the text of the Instrumentum Laboris was published for the Second Session of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. Pope Francis, in his book-interview on Benedict XVI, had defined the Synod as its greatest priority at the moment. It must be highlighted how this synodal process is proving to be a real failure. In parishes, the only place where faith is truly lived with simplicity and without the ambitions of the lay professors, the synod is not spoken at all. Simple people have other concerns. The clergy are largely disinterested at this event because they are very clear about the purpose of all this circus which, moreover, makes the Vatican City State lose tens of thousands of euros. The aim is to give a voice to people who have a poisoned tooth against the Church. 


Mark Thomas said...

There may be widespread disinterest in the Synod. There may be folks who view the Synod as a "circus."

But Pope Francis disagrees with the above. One Cardinal and bishop after another disagrees with the above.

Example: Cardinal Coutts, who was featured recently here by Father McDonald, declared:

"There is a great parallel, a kind of symbiotic relationship, between the synod called by Pope Francis and the call of the prophets of the Old Testament, the cardinal said."

"The call is to listen to the voice of God, to walk in humility and to be open and sincere as the leaders of the church called to lead the people of God on this massive journey."

"Like the people of the Old Testament, it is possible for us too to go the wrong path, to lose our way. But when we go astray the Lord calls us back, beckoning us to accept his ways and follow his path."

"The synodal path we are called to take is an invitation not to reject or exclude anybody, but to take everyone along. We also need the humility to know that Jesus himself is leading us, said the Cardinal."


Cardinal Coutts insisted that Pope Francis, who initiated the synod, is a "prophet."

The Synod will have a profound effect upon the Church.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Along with Cardinal Coutts, Cardinal Ambongo, for example, is on board with the Synod.

Cardinal Ambongo: "At the end of this Synod, I feel first and foremost a feeling of gratitude to the Lord who allowed me to have this exceptional experience...I must say that this Synod on synodality has been exceptional."

"But I must say that what characterized this Synod the most was the method used, the method of conversation in the Spirit, meetings, exchanges interspersed with moments of prayer, meditation, silence, which has never before been the case."

"In my analysis, this Synod opens up new perspectives for our Church. It is a Synod, as its name suggests, on synodality."

"This means that the Church has become aware that something needs to change in its way of being."

"This kind of Synod will inevitably lead to individual conversion but also to collective conversion as a Church. This Synod will radically change the way the Church operates and exists."


Mark Thomas

qwikness said...

In a sentence or two: What is the purpose on the Synod on Synodality?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Situational morality, pastoral flexibility and inclusion with an eye toward doctrinal changes.

sarto2012 said...

Oh dear. Re “Mark Thomas”: ignore. Just ignore.
Otherwise you will drive yourself bonkers.