Monday, June 5, 2023


These statistics are breathtaking and prove what we who celebrate the TLM already know. The TLM captures the faith and imagination of young boys and is a fertile ground to promote a “culture of vocations” as my bishop desires for our diocese. 

The Modern Vernacular Mass does not do this to the same extent as the TLM does. 

These statistics show what was generally the case for the Universal Church prior to the complete overhaul of the TLM into the MVM. Since Vatican II, the TLM is confined to a minuscule number of Catholic communities, but these communities far outstrip the general population of Catholics who celebrate the MVM in terms of a culture of vocations. 


Wow, almost 600 overall seminarians. That's about 20% of all Catholic seminarians according to a 2021 study showing 3,110 seminarians nationwide. Quite a significant % of seminarians from a fraction of the Catholic people.

Less than 1% of US Catholics worship at the TLM Mass, yet this miniscule number of parishioners has produced 20% of the seminarians now studying for the priesthood in the United States. This is phenomenal. Read it and sing a Te Deum!


John said...

God calls everybody. He calls Catholics especially in the Mass. The TLM communicates the gospel Jesus lett us much better Than the NO can. It engages the intellect and the sensei, the total person. Genuine faith and true love engender commitment.

TJM said...

Santita and most bishops are in denial or simply don’t care - a lot of lazy slugs in the clergy

Paul said...

Fr Allan,

You are of course right.

I think it was Cardinal Heenan (and if not he another) said in the mid late 60s - : to paraphrase: in my archdiocese a lot of men still attend Mass, I can see this new Mass, while perhaps having some appeal to some women and children etc.. not being appealing to men, especially young men, at all...

Perhaps Bugnini et al grew up in towns or villages in Italy or even Spain where often wives, mothers and daughters often attended Mass to worship God, but too in part pray for the men in their lives who rarely attended Mass?...

Anyway, has anyone seen that YouTube clip of a Canadian or Australian boy, or a young man about 15 or 16 training on a farm to serve at a TLM to the music of the Rocky 1 movie?

TJM said...

Notice how Father K Orwell or Mark Thomas won’t touch this topic. Delusional people become violent when their delusions are challenged. In their world, mostly peaceful protests where Black homes and businesses are destroyed by BLM and Antifa are acceptable but criticism of their views and actions are “violence!”