Wednesday, June 7, 2023



Pope Francis: Three-hour long surgery completed without complications

The Pope undergoes laparotomy and plastic surgery of the abdominal wall with prostheses early Wednesday afternoon. Matteo Bruni explains that the hospitalization – the Pope’s third at Gemelli Hospital – will last several days.


consolata said...

I hope he experiences a full recovery with little to no pain. And I will begin to pray to St Therese for him, I too have a devotion to her and her teachings help me greatly.
However; I will specifically be praying that she enlighten his mind and heart and convert him to the true faith.

Anonymous said...

From the latest report that I have found:

"Pope Francis was recovering from intestinal surgery on Wednesday, after a three-hour procedure to treat a hernia that had “no complications,” the Vatican said."

"The Holy Father is well, I think that’s the news that you and the entire world were waiting for,” Sergio Alfieri, the surgeon who led a team of doctors that operated on Francis, told reporters gathered at the hospital Wednesday evening. “He’s fine, awake and alert, and he joked with me not 10 minutes ago."


Our Almighty ever-living God has raised Jorge Bergoglio to serve Holy Mother Church as Her Pope.

God has empowered Pope Francis to teach, govern, and sanctify us.

Given his need to fulfill that awesome mission, and for the fact that he is a child of God, I pray that Pope Francis will return soon, as well as in improved health, to the Vatican.


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...

I'll give the Vatican Press Office credit for one thing: They're still better than most other organizations at keeping some secrets.

If anyone thinks that we're being told the entire truth about this, please call me, so I can propose a great real estate deal.

rcg said...

Poor Pope Francis. I hope his pain is manageable.

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

Yes his mission of destroying the Catholic Faith has not yet been accomplished