Thursday, June 1, 2023


 Either way it looks like a television studio news set!

Saint Justin Martyr of Ohio, PRAY FOR US!


rcg said...

Fr McDonald! You are mocking an Ohio church! It could be on under Fr Fox’s care or even my own parish. Or it could be northeast of Cleveland on the banks of Lake Erie where people have an intense struggle with nature just to survive. The blue of the carpet and sacristy is likely due to the cold and not an imitation of a Baptist sanctuary as first impressions might give. But they are known for reverent Masses no doubt in the ‘traditional’ sense of Li’l Fr K.

TJM said...


You mean Father Orwell!

Paul said...


Probably -

Similar to Goulburn, NSW, SSPX..on Braidwood Rd... Braidwood, where my family still have one cafe, restaurant.

SSPX, Goulburn on Braidwood Rd was a seminary; now after just one year at Holy Cross, Goulburn, seminarians are sent to SSPX in Argentina - for some reason I don't know..

Many who attend TLM Masses here are poor migrant families; some farmers etc.
A minority have $$$ but for the majority - the cost of petrol money to attend SSPX Traditional Latin Masses would involve financial sacrifices..



the Egyptian said...

I'll assure you it's no where NEAR Fr Fox approximately 200 miles north east, up on the lake.
the blue was sad but GREY, good grief talk about depressing!

the Egyptian said...

The more I look at it the grey REALLY makes the priest stand out, he's the only color up there!
Could this be a case of narcissism. We had a priest in my misspent youth that demanded that he be the center of attention, positively demanded, it vocally reprimanded people. He took the beautiful old Christmas crib and burned it, put the statues in front of the altar to "keep your attention on me"
What a grouch.

ByzRus said...

I could have done better after a quick trip to Ikea.