Friday, June 19, 2020


I do believe that gay rights and embracing gay people who no longer choose to live in the closet and thus are known as gay by family and friends is a challenge for the institutional Church. We cannot come across as hateful, spiteful or puritanical. We deal with other types of sinners in a compassionate way without ridicule or what resembles hatred. The same should be true of those who claim LBGTQ inclinations or affiliations.

From what I understand of orthodox Catholicism, we are to love everyone as Jesus teaches us to do but we are not to love anyone’s sin.

The Catholic Church teaches that same sex attraction is not a sin, but acting on disordered affections, be one a heterosexual or homosexual or a self-described LBGTQ person is a sin. It is a mortal sin if the person knows that an action is sinful or immoral, acts on the inclination to sin and does so with full consent of the will and usually with forethought and planning.

The Church as a field hospital must treat the disorders of sin especially through the Sacrament of Penance and spiritual direction.

LBGTQ is a name that has ideological and political implications and sometimes in direct opposition to the Church.

Isn’t Courage’s approach to ministry with people who have inclinations that could lead to acting on disordered affections in a sinful way a better approach than the ideology of this Franciscan bishop?


Anonymous said...

I suggest you be careful. In the Australian state of Tasmania, a Catholic Bishop, Julian Porteous (sp?), was summoned to a tribunal for "hate speech" against LGBTIQ people for writing words to Catholic families in his diocese during the Australian Same Sex Marriage Vote and the good bishop never used any words or terms like "disorded" natures or acts that are "intrinsically moral evil" etc.
Could that be the direction your nation, or some states in your nation, be heading?

rcg said...

If this poor man had met the woman by the well what would he have said to her? He sounds confused in his own “faith tradition”. If his staff loved him at all they would steal his phone and destroy his router.

TJM said...

Word to the wise: beware the gaystapo

Vatican Zero said...

The very fact that this bishop and so many others are bending over backwards to cater to, coddle and accommodate all things LGBT while NEVER mentioning its sinfulness...couple that with their unwavering tolerance and, dare I say, fawning approval of pro-abort liberal politicians should be a HUGE red flag for us. I am not calling these bishops bad men(yet). I am simply saying that their allegiances and concerns seem gravely misplaced. I would be very cautious about listening to and heeding, never mind obeying the words of such a bishop.

Get ready Savannah, the Francis revolt--er, revolution is coming to us soon in the chancery. It would not surprise me at all if our next bishop starts in with all this LGBT stuff within his first month.

Bob said...

As someone who several times put myself outside ability to receive Holy Communion in my life, and as does anyone who commits a grave sin until confessed, absolved, and penance/restitution made....

I have zero patience with those who believe in "entitlement" by virtue of being club mmember, nor with those who facilitate such an understanding. We KNOW where those folk would be in an earlier age of YEARS of exclusion for sins.

All we generally require today is simply saying, "I was wrong", and even THAT is too much to expect from the heroic Age Of The Crybaby.

Bob said...

In other news, Pope Francis and other Vatican officials were seen briefly, today, on the streets of Rome, retreating swiftly behind Vatican walls after spotting their own shadows, signifying five more months of coronavirus. Film at 11.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

To the first comment above, yes there are secular Puritans in our country as in yours who wish to neutralize the Church and her teachings of sexuality not just same sex but also artificial contraception and abortion rights.

Disordered affections is a term that is the consequence of concupisense. It applies to be sexuality in general A married person may have a sexual desire for another person, while never acting on it. That is a disordered affection.

One may have sexual desires for their adult children, or God forbid, their younger children. The parent never acts on it, but this is a disordered affection.

Chastity is the solution to disordered affections even if the desire remains.

Anonymous said...

From anon@9.15am, the first commentator above.

Fr Allan,
Thank you for what you wrote above.
From what you wrote, could it be that almost all people, apart from some saints, experience various disordered affections?

By the way, who are the most busy people in Australia now?
Those involved in online liquor sales, those involved in the sale of online pornography and ASIO officers and certain members of Australia's Federal Police.

For your followers who don't know, with ASIO, you could think Australia's CIA.

For the past 2 months, mobile/cell phone and online "chatter" among extremists on the Left and Right is through the roof!!! Extremists on the Left or Right here often lack imagination and creativity but they can pose a serious threat and are in regular contact with the most extreme groups in your nation, who are often their inspiration.
God knows what could occur in the near future?!!

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Bob at June 20, 2020 at 12:13 AM:


God bless.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Wonderful homily given by our priest, Fr. Dennis Kolinski, at the 7:30 am TLM at St. John Cantius this morning, regarding the devil and what we are up against in these current times.

Go to Homily begins about the 18:00 minute mark.

God bless.

john said...

We have no way of knowing which openly LGBTQ people are sexually and which are not. Perhaps we should treat them just like we treat married couples using artificial contraception, people who might masturbate, overweight people who might be committing the sin of gluttony, etc. We let them work out their own issues in the privacy of their homes and the confessional and we focus ourselves, instead, on resolving our own sinfulness.

Unknown said...

Just remember that this is the same Bishop Stowe who rushed to publicly declare he was "ashamed" at the actions of the students from Covington Catholic.