Friday, February 26, 2010


The video below is how Hollywood makes its magic. We know that Hollywood isn't real, but who knew it was this unreal? Computer effects today are so realistic that it is hard to tell what is actual and what isn't. Even simple scenes now are computer generated.
Coke use to have its slogan, "It's the real thing!" Thank God we can't computer generate the Holy Mass. It stands on its own as the "REAL THING!" Except the Holy Mass is not a "Thing" it is an action, the action of Christ making us and the world a part of Him.
Enjoy the video, nothing religious about it, just fun to watch:


Gene said...

Looks like a post Vat II theology montage.

REMdreamtime said...

That's a very interesting composite!

It's not just Hollywood that can do this thing anymore. Here's an edit of a photo that Buck Melton took of the exterior of the St Joseph Catholic Church in Macon:

and here's my PhotoShop edit of it to take out "extraneous" background items to prepare the image for use in our choir's fund raising efforts:

:o) mg said...

wow. I had no idea.