Wednesday, September 19, 2018


CHILDREN'S Misdemeanor !

I heard an interview of two seasoned prosecutors on CNN this morning that what Judge Kavanaugh is  being accused of are all misdemeanors in the state of Maryland and the statutes of limitations has expired since even for non penetration sexual harassment while both are blackout drunk is three years and therefore the case is closed and not prosecutable.

These are the misdemeanor accusations all of which cannot be prosecuted in the state of Maryland as the statutes of limitations expired after three years for a case that happened 35 years ago:

1. Underage drinking by the accused and accuser
2. Public underage drunkenness but both accused and accuser
3. Sexual foreplay brought on by illegal underage drinking and blackout public drunkenness by both the accused and accuser which did not lead to be anywhere close to sexual penetration because of blackout drunkenness by both high schoolers and an inability to disrobe or be disrobed
4. The drunken teenage girl accuser who was not forced or tricked into getting drunk can’t remember where or when the party was
5. The accused said he was not there



Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

That child was not charged with a misdemeanor and that boy says he wasn't there, although now the boy is a man with a man's recollection.
That girl, that child, was drunk on her own volition. If the child who she accuses was there and had any recollection of it, that boy would have told us that perhaps the drunken girl, a child herself, may have touched him through his clothes on his genitals and planted unwanted kisses on him which would be assault too. Or do you believe that falling down drunk teenage girls are incapable of sexual assault on a drunken child who happens to be a boy?

We're talking about drunken children here and your callousness is breathtaking. Their parents and the adults who provided the party in their home have much to answer if true.

SGB said...
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Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

breathtaking callousness towards children. Who gave the teenage children the alcohol? The adult hosts of the party, the liquor store? And what you describe isn't a misdemeanor, it is a felony and the adults, whoever they are, can be charged with a felony in selling or providing children with alcohol.

Kavanaugh wasn't there so he isn't going to say he was sexually assaulted, but if he were there, that would not be implausible.

Your callousness towards these children,victims of alcohol abuse,is breathtaking! And the accused may have been another child, not Kavanaugh since he wasn't there and there is no history of this party on top of that.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

She could have well passed out in her drunkenness and dreamed the whole thing.

Dan said...

Makes perfect sense that everyone should be judged by how they acted in high school, even if it was only once. Everyone knows that we are all completely rational and mature as can be at that age. Except of course when it comes to those who commit heinous crimes like murder and torture at that age, then we are reminded that brains aren't fully mature till about twent-five.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Oh, SGB, by the way, a teenager who drives drunk is committing a felony not a misdemeanor. The child the accuser accuses, if in fact that child, whoever it was, and Kavanaugh says it wasn't him, committed a misdemeanor but he was never charged with one since the accuser didn't press charges as she should have at the time. Anyone who counseled her not to press charges should be investigated. But it was a misdemeanor and the child, if guilty and whoever he or she was (could have be a girl dressed like a boy) would have paid a fine.

Are you saying a felony drunk driving charge is as serious as misdemeanor sexual misconduct committed by a child?

TJM said...


LOL. What about Bill "Horndog" Clintooon? Keith Ellison. Throw in Ted Kennedy too. All 3 of these men did FAR more egregious things than is alleged here. Please comment on your views with regard to them if you dare. But of course, since they embrace the Dem Party sacrament of Abortion, they get a pass. You are truly have no sense of morality or proportionality. Quit wasting our time with your false legal and moral equivalence. You're a bore, just like Kavanaugh

Marc said...

I'm not aware of any state where a singular drunk driving conviction is a felony under most circumstances.

After a cursory review of the Maryland criminal code, I think a creative prosecutor could come up with a felony charge based on the allegations we've heard. Maryland has no statute of limitations for most felony charges. There would likely still be a constitutional speedy trial argument to be made, though. And the fact that the alleged actors were all juveniles impacts things as well.

It is worth noting that 18 U.S.C. s 1001 criminalizes false statements made in any matter within the jurisdiction of any branch of government. That is a felony offense.

TJM said...


The FBI does not have authority to investigate state crimes, and the statute of limitations has run. This is a waste of federal resources. This is a delaying tactic because the Dems hope they can recapture the senate and preserve the evil of abortion on demand. Like I said, you're a bore, go away

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

SGB, are you a practicing Catholic? You know of course, that even political revenge or revenge of any sort is a mortal sin--serious matter, I presume you know it is wrong, and you then promote revenge with full consent of the will. I know I can't have the FBI investigate you, but Jesus who is an advocate, can and will and if you are guilty of seeking revenge and don't repent, your eternal reward will not be in heaven.

I am not a lawyer, but Marc is. But I can say that if Kavanaugh did what his accuser is saying, that it was not a mortal sin regardless of it being a felony or not.

Full consent of the will is removed as well as intention when was is blacking-out drunk. Even for the felony dui that causes an accident and a death, the same is true, that the Catholic has committed a serious evil, maybe broke the law but it was a venial sin and not mortal because one of the three things necessary for a mortal sin was missing.

So I ask you SGB are you committing a political mortal sin by encouraging revenge for Merrick Garland and declaring Kavanaugh guilty before any charges are served and he has undergone a trial to ascertain guilty or innocence?????? Answer the question!

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

SGB is just another inartful dodger who will never address serious matters because he can't. He's wedded to the party of Intrinsic Evil so all he can do is deflect.


The FBI has authority to conduct criminal background checks on nominees which is totally different from trying to investigage matters which are state law matters, period, end of discussion. I am an attorney of 40 years.

The Party of Bill "Horndog" Clintoon and Keith Ellison have ZERO credibility in these matters. If you want the FBI to meddle in state matters, then Keith Ellison is a prime candidate for an FBI investigation. There are current 911 records of his abuse of women. This whole escapade is due to the Dems love affair with abortion.

SGB said...

I'm sorry, but an FBI criminal background check on a nominee would include crimes in violation of state laws, no?

Being drunk does not absolve a person from moral responsibility for actions while intoxicated, does it? Were a drunk to set fire to a house, and we're 5 people to die in the fire, that person would be legally and morally guilty of murder.

Seeking revenge is not necessarily a mortal sin - that's a silly notion. If the Republicans can abort a Presidential nomination to the SCOTUS, why can't the Democrats stall or abort one, too?

Sauce for the goose is s sauce for the gander!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Thanks SCG for coming out of the secularist closet. I will now delete all your previous comments nor post future ones.

Henry said...

I've followed politics avidly for over 65 years, and this accusation is on its face the most dubious one I've heard yet in a political context. The fact that it's being taken seriously shows what a silly season we're living through.

TJM said...


Remember the old movie, Satan Never Sleeps? He's very busy trying to kill off a judge who might overturn Roe v Wade and cause all of the fake catholics to cry. Ironic, how these same people get all misty eyed over a hardened criminal who murders folks.

Marc said...

“Were a drunk to set fire to a house, and we're 5 people to die in the fire, that person would be legally and morally guilty of murder.”

Depends on the level of intocication and the mens rea in the statute. It’s more likely to be manslaughter.

The Egyptian said...

Like I said before if he had just done a ST Ted of Kennedy and drowned her in an Oldsmobile all would be well, right? The hypocrisy of the left is beyond insipid, Teddy, Gary Studds, Barney Frank, Billy goat Clintoon, this demorat party celebrates perversion with a passion. But now demand prosecution of a minor offense as listed before based on utter confusion and doubt, an eleventh hour attempt to delay a conformation vote till after the election, because Hillary!!!!!

To quote a far distant conformation hearing "This is a high tech linching"