Thursday, February 22, 2018


With so many modern popes being canonized for Vatican II reasons, so much so, Pope Francis joked that he and Pope Benedict can't wait, should the first Protestant pope, Dr. Billy Graham be canonized?

And in a far off city I saw these words in an obituary again: A funeral Mass celebrating the life of John Doe will be held....

What the?



Henry said...

"A funeral Mass celebrating the life of John Doe will be held...."

Just another illustration of the fact that most priests from 197os/1980s seminaries--and most parishioners formed by them--are clueless about sacramental Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

A Mass celebrating someone’s life seems Okay, and a funeral Mass seems proper: but I don’t think that they should be combined into the same event? Perhaps hold off on the celebration until a year after the funeral? Does that sound proper? I would have to ask a priest and hope that they know the answer.

ByzRC said...

Another commenter on this blog, I don't remember who, recently said something to the effect of:
Pray for their soul during the Mass, celebrate their life at the repast. This seems like the most reasonable and appropriate way to introduce the life celebration component. Also, I don't care for someone telling others how to mourn (e.g. "tear free zone"). To me, hiding from death ultimately takes away from the meaningfulness and appreciation of life.