Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun speaks at the Asianews Conference at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome.
Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun speaks at the Asianews Conference at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome. (2014 Bohumil Petrik/CNA)
There is major push back against Pope Francis concerning what many believe to be a betrayal of the underground Catholic Church in favor of the Chinese Government controlled Church.

The strongest voice against Cardinal Parolin who evidently spearheaded the betrayal is retired Cardinal Zen. He has had unbelievably strong words against a brother Cardinal and semi directly against Pope Francis. You can read the entire article HERE.

Here's the bombshell statement in the longer article:

Given the recent controversies, I feel the desire to clarify my relationship with Pope Francis who, whenever I meet him, fills me with tenderness.
It is true that my revelations of a private interviews may have caused him embarrassment and for this I am sorry. But I am still convinced that there is a void between the way of thinking of His Holiness and the way of thinking of his collaborators, who readily take advantage of the Pope's optimism to pursue their goals. Until proven otherwise I am convinced that I have defended the good name of the Pope from the responsibility of the erroneous judgement of his collaborators and that he has communicated his encouragement to my brothers in China who are, as we say in China, "in the burning fire and in deep water".
If, by chance, one day a bad agreement is signed with China, obviously with the approval of the Pope, I will withdraw in silence to "monastic life". Certainly as a son, even if unworthy, of Don Bosco I will not make myself the head of a rebellion against the Roman Pontiff, Vicar of Christ on earth.
Let us pray for Pope Francis "that the Lord will preserve him, give him strength, make him happy, and save him from the hands of his enemies."

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Anonymous said...

Instead of conspiracy theories how about this. Just like the majority of modern day Jesuits and like all liberals maybe Francis does not agree with Church teaching and Doctrine. Maybe he even hates what the Church teaches and has decided he is going to change it. Maybe Francis is completely aware of what the brutal Communists in China are doing and agrees with it. That is a possibility.