Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Alive and well at Wednesday mornings general outdoor audience!

The Holy Father appeared at his normal Wednesday audience this morning, alive and well and kicking. His theme continues his catechesis on the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and today's theme was "Fear of the Lord."

Again the Holy Father uses the category of the "corrupt" those mired in unrepentant mortal sin, who never go to confession and twist the Faith to suit their own ideologies which oppose the orthodoxy of the faith.

In this regard, and like Pope Pius X, Pope Francis is clear in his condemnation of the corrupt who will in his estimation feel forever the fires of hell! What His Holiness describes is one of the fruits of Modernism.

From Vatican Radio, a synopsis of the Pope's catechesis this Wednesday morning:

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis warned corrupt persons in positions of power that they would do well to fear God’s justice and repent on Wednesday, during the course of the catechetical portion of his weekly General Audience, dedicated to the seventh and final of the gifts of the Holy Spirit: fear of the Lord.

Departing repeatedly from his prepared text in Italian for emphasis, the Holy Father spoke of the fear of the Lord, not as a servile or supine disposition before the Lord, but as the grateful response of people who have first been loved by the infinite love of God the Father.

“The fear of the Lord is also an alarm,” he said. “When a person lives in evil, when one blasphemes  against God, when one exploits others, when one tyrannizes, when one lives only for money, vanity, power, pride – the holy fear of God alerts us: be wary!” The Holy Father went on to say, “In this way, you will not be happy, you will end badly.” Departing from his prepared remarks, the Holy Father added, “One can take with him to the other side nor money, nor power nor vanity, nor pride: nothing! We can bring the love that God the Father gives us – the caresses of God accepted and received by us with love – and we can bring what we have done for others.”

Pope Francis spoke explicitly of people political responsibility and allow themselves to be corrupted, as well as of people who make their living from human trafficking and slave labor, and of those who manufacture weapons for fomenting wars. “That the fear of God might make them understand that one day it all ends and that they shall have to give account to God,” he prayed.

In the English-language summary read out after the main catechesis, the Holy Father said that the fear of the Lord is also a kind of alarm for all Christians: awakening us to the presence of sin in our lives and reminding us that we, too, will one day be held accountable to the just Judge. “Let us pray that the fear of God, together with the other gifts of the Holy Spirit, will renew us in faith and constantly remind us that in God alone do we find our ultimate happiness, freedom and fulfillment.”


Gene said...
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Anonymous said...

Would it kill you to not call people who don't agree with you on everything names so often?

Anonymous said...

Would it kill you to not call people who don't agree with you on everything names so often?

Joe Potillor said...

His Audiences and Sunday Homilies are not the problem.

Anonymous said...

Waiting to see what name I get called for posting the same thing twice. "Old fogey" would be appropriate.

JBS said...


First of all, someone who declines to even use a name in her posts, like yourself, is hardly in a position to fault someone for using names.

Second, "schismatic" is a technical term for those who break communion with the pope, while "naysayers" is merely a descriptive term for pessimists. Optimists in communion with the pope can see this clearly enough.

Richard M. Sawicki said...

His Holiness preaches the faith, exhorts the faithful to bear public witness, warns against the snares and wiles of Satan, condemns idolatry, the anti-child culture, and the efforts at redefining marriage, excommunicates notorious dissenters, celebrates Mass soberly and solemnly, confirms Cardinal Müller as Prefect of the C.D.W., reappoints Guido Marini as Papal M.C., expands the liturgical options of the Ordinariate, adds 19 new Cardinals with nary a left-winger among them, roams the Vatican casting his gaze upon nervous curial staffers who are not used to having "the boss" checking up on them.....

...and somehow the NCR/PrayWhine types continue to think he's one of "their kind".

Aggressive media spin or genuine cognitive dissonance?

Perhaps the Holy father is, as we are exhorted to do, being "innocent as a lamb, yet cunning as a serpent"?

I ADMIT the situation with the F.F.I. is a very unpleasant situation, and presents a very troubling chapter in this pontificate, but I also admit that I am not privy to all the internal I'll leave that one for now (there is always "an exception that proves the rule").

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

Anonymous said...

So...JBS....Your REAL name is JBS?

(I'd suggest that you leave off the J.)

I can think of many "descriptive terms" and "technical terms" that I could use to describe you....that would make you think that I was "using names"...but I won't go there.

Signed: Optimist In Communion With The Pope