Sunday, June 22, 2014


The Holy Father has endeared himself to the whole world, but Italians the most--they just love him and here is reason #90,306 for that love:

When I hear these Italian women calling out to Papa Francesco, I can hear my mother in that crowd and what a beautiful southern Italian day it was, you can almost taste the pasta!
And as reported by some blogs that this pope is ill, His Holiness' demise due to illness is reported prematurely!


Anonymous said...

Awesome video. My main question would be has he increased Mass attendance/reception of the sacraments across Italy? As someone who is part Sicilian, I am also interested in how Catholicism is doing on the island, I saw a news article where a priest took out the altar to make room for refugees.

George said...

I like this. It's these kind of moments that the Holy Father really enjoys and relishes. These are difficult times for the Church and for the Pope and the bishops who lead her. We should remember them in our prayers.

Katalina said...

Keep in mind that this is about the Pope's personal gestures which although are very praiseworthy do not mean that Everybody loves him. More and more people wonder what direction he is taking the Church based on his closest advisors including Kasper and Rodríguez. I myself like Francis but don't love him.