Thursday, June 12, 2014


The New Liturgical Movement has a post on the Greek-Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, seat of the Eparchy of Bratislava. Greek Catholics are in union with Rome and are also known as Byzantine or Melkite Catholics.

This is the outside of the Cathedral:
This is the inside with the iconostasis--they know how to do ad orientem right! I wonder if they are wackos? From this you can see where the rood screen developed in the west:
And evidently they know how to do confessions right. These are the faithful sinners lined up and pouring out into the street to go to Confession on Spy Wednesday of Holy Week, the day before Holy Thursday. I suspect the priests in this parish must emphasize the scourge of sin and that it is a serious illness that needs the field hospital of the Church to apply the anti-biotic of penance and absolution for the sick person who know s/he is sick and is either brought to the field hospital by others or makes their way there themselves:
Now, in your typical, comfortable, middle to upper middle class parish anywhere in the world, Catholics will not know about the eternal terminal illness that sin is and they won't be told that the Church is a field hospital for those with this eternal terminal illness and that the antibiotic for this eternal terminal illness is the Sacrament of Penance and that without this antibiotic delivered in the field hospital of the Church by priests who offer the sacrament of  Penance, they will die in their sins and possibly go to hell. So much for comfortable, happy-clappy smiley face Catholicism that sees the Church as a country club to keep Catholics sedated and comfortable rather than a field hospital to apply emergency first aid and long term care for the eternally terminally ill.


Bernard Fischer said...

I think in the Eastern Churches, it's common to go to Confession on Spy Wednesday or Holy Thursday. That might be the only time of the year and it's just part of the tradition. I'm not sure you can chalk it up to better preaching, but I'm not an Eastern Catholic so I could easily be wrong.

Marc said...

An FSSP priest was murdered last night in Arizona. I'm traveling so can't link the story, but thought you might like to find it so everyone following you can add their prayers. I think rorate caeli has it up.

Desiree said...

It is ad if you follow Traditional Roman Catholic on FB like I do. You blog about the same things I've just seen from them! ;) I love the cartoon at the bottom. It's really got a point!