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Pope Francis normally only distributes Holy Communion to the deacons of the Mass as they kneel and receive the Sacred Host intincted by the Holy Father into the Chalice of the Precious Blood (the best way to distribute Holy Communion under both kinds):

The very first public Mass outside of the Vatican which I watched live, the one from Saint Anna's, the first thing that I noticed at Holy Communion time was that the Holy Father, Francis, only gave Holy Communion to the deacons as they knelt before him and the Holy Father intincted the Host into the chalice of Precious Blood so that the deacons could receive on the tongue. I was relieved that the Holy Father, Francis, was not opposed to communicants, even the deacons of the Mass, kneeling to receive and that intinction was his preferred method, which is both traditional and sanitary, avoids the spreading of bacteria and viruses from diseases of the mouth and gums.

But then the Holy Father, Francis, went and sat down and two of the deacons distributed Holy Communion to kneeling communicants at the two central locations before the altar.

The only time I have seen the Holy Father, Francis, distribute Holy Communion to the laity and by way of intinction, of course, the only sanitary way to offer the Precious Blood from the chalice, was at the Easter Vigil and the one receiving were the very ones he had baptized and confirmed and they came to him at his chair at the altar.

And now we know the rest of the story as Sandro Magister at his blog, Chiesa points out:

As Cardinal-Archbishop in Argentina, Pope Bergoglio once wrote:

"David had been an adulterer and had ordered a murder, and nonetheless we venerate him as a saint because he had the courage to say: 'I have sinned.' He humbled himself before God. One can commit enormous mistakes, but one can also acknowledge them, change one's life and make reparation for what one has done. It is true that among parishioners there are persons who have killed not only intellectually or physically but indirectly, with improper management of capital, paying unjust wages. There are members of charitable organizations who do not pay their employees what they deserve, or make them work off the books. [. . .] With some of them we know their whole résumé, we know that they pass themselves off as Catholics but practice indecent behaviors of which they do not repent. For this reason, on some occasions I do not give communion, I stay back and let the assistants do it, because I do not want these persons to approach me for a photo. One may also deny communion to a known sinner who has not repented, but it is very difficult to prove these things. Receiving communion means receiving the body of the Lord, with the awareness of forming a community. But if a man, rather than uniting the people of God, has devastated the lives of many persons, he cannot receive communion, it would be a total contradiction. Such cases of spiritual hypocrisy present themselves in many who take refuge in the Church and do not live according to the justice that God preaches. And they do not demonstrate repentance. This is what we commonly call leading a double life.”

As can be noted, Bergoglio explained in 2010 his abstaining from giving communion personally with a very practical reason: "I do not want these persons to approach me for a photo."

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Some 'people' have been onto this for a while now []
Francis is not what traditionalists, nor progressives have made him out to be....

I'm currently reading his 'favorite book' Hugh Benson's 'Lord of the World''s very anti-socialist, anti-modernity and pro-life....