Thursday, May 16, 2013


Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schönborn OP gives an excellent English interview. He speaks of the situation of the Church in the 1960's and the deleterious effect that the unbridled changes had on the Church. He speaks of being a part of that malaise. Many in the Church today who should well remember what was going on in the 1960's and 1970's seem to be in a grand denial of it. Others born after that period are clueless of it and cannot see aspects of the 1960's and '70's rearing its ugly head in post-Catholicism, those who are in favor of women's ordination, artificial birth control, pro-choice attitudes and same sex marriage. This is all part of the culture of deconstruction of the Catholic Church, her beliefs and disciplines. It is no accident that the year of greatest abuse of minors in the Church took place in 1974.

And finally, the main stream media seems to be coming to the realization that with the current presidency it has been acting as Pravda did in the communist soviet era. The main stream media failed the United States when the current administration started to interfere in the life of the Church especially with the contraceptive and abortifacient mandates in the Affordable Health Care Act. The main stream media is pro abortion and artificial contraception, so they didn't care about this administration's flaunting of the constitution and ignored the government's intrusion into the affairs of the Church.

The main stream media didn't care that the IRS was going after the Tea Party Movement and other conservative organizations that were opposed to the current administration and in doing so damaging the Constitution.

The main stream media didn't care that the current administration carried out a massive cover-up of the Bengazi debacle and were quite willing to ignore it and thus promote the re-election of the current president.

But now, the main stream media see that the current administration with its Chicago style tactics of interfering with the press in the debacle with the Associated Press has realized that their Constitutional rights are being jeopardized.

Perhaps the main stream media is awakening to the great threats to the Constitution of our country by the current administration. All roads lead to the President. The buck stops with him. May he go the way of President Nixon.


rcg said...

Would like to see the face of the IRS guy who audits a priest.

Anonymous 5 said...

Those born after the 1970s are also clueless about the fact that what they think of as normal liturgical practices are often either liturgical abuses or at least practices based on spurious theology. That's what you get when you de facto suppress a liturgy that has developed for 1500 years and is unquesitonably liturgically proper. Then, when you try to re-introduce liturgical orthopraxis, people either revolt or simply vote with their feet.

It takes a long time to get something right. It takes a very short time to screw it up.

JBS Was Here said...

Anonymous 5,
Well said.

rcg said...

I don't know, A5. I went to a lecture series in my now current parish and the priest simply pointed to the Tabernacle and told us we were in the presence of God and I was hooked. It is like fresh water and saying, "you're gonna like this." If the priest is excited to do these things and wants to share them to help bring people to God, we sheep sense it. And want more.