Thursday, May 30, 2013


A very nice chasuble (this actually is my taste for me personally) and a very nice cope. Yes, these are modern/classic in design but very nice and appropriate for Pope Francis! The deacon dalmatics are nice too!

The following is the video of the Corpus Christi Mass beginning at The Basilica of Saint John Lateran. Evidently they were expecting rain and used a smaller altar that would fit under a rather cheap canopy that one can rent from any canopy rental place. The smaller altar necessitated four candlesticks instead of 6, but the central crucifix and bishop's candle remain dead center.

The Holy Father has his own South American Vestments but a bit different from what he has used with gold thread rather than brown and the deacons have very nice matching dalmatics. The deacons do not seem to be prevented from wearing nice lace albs under their dalmatics.

The procession for the Mass begins at minute 8:35 with a very beautiful Latin introit for the incensation of the altar.

The Mass is entirely in Italian except for the propers, Kyrie, Gloria, Credo Sanctus and Agnus Dei which are in Latin (Greek for Kyrie, of course).

At hour 1:34:25, the Holy Father changes from chasuble to cope for the incensation of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance.

The bombshell is that two deacon ride in the Chevy Pick-Up Truck kneeling before the Most Holy Eucharist. The Holy Father walks behind the Chevy Pick Up truck the whole distance from St. John Lateran to St. Mary Major!

A lovely altar set up at St. Mary Major, very pre-Vatican II for the Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. And for the Benediction the Holy Father puts on a very nice humeral veil, he looks very papal!

This is the homily that has an English voice over:


Wendell said...

Yes, I agree—the designs are tasteful.

The mitre the Holy Father has worn previously seemed slapped together. The decorative elements are, in a word, bland. See here:

The vestments we see here are elegant. The "new" mitre is so much better.

Joseph Johnson said...

I watched some of this late last night. I have made this same mistake before (because they are the same thing with different emblems on the grille) but that old pickup hauling the Blessed Sacrament around was a GMC--not a Chevrolet! It looked to be about 20 years old too! I'm a Ford man myself (I drive an 18 year old Ford F150 pickup and own Model T's and a Model A) so those GMC's and Chevrolets are the same thing to me ("off" brands!).

rcg said...

Joseph: To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to...