Monday, February 20, 2012


MY COMMENTS FIRST:As you know I am clairvoyant and completely predicted accurately that Monsignor Timothy Dolan would become the Cardinal-Archbishop of New York. This is indisputable of course. Now, my clairvoyancy which I will not in any way break the seal of the future conclave of which I already know the outcome but will respect the secrecy demanded by such an august institution, I can give clues which in no way calls into question my promise of secrecy.

The next pope will be a warrior pope, derogatorily called a "Taliban Pope," by far left progressive Catholics and their friends in the liberal press. He will be a warrior pope in the image and likeness of Archbishop Charles Chaput.

But he will also be a liturgical pope in the image and likeness of Cardinal Raymond Burke. He will know that the law of prayer is the law of belief and that right belief leads to right praxis (practice/action in one's life).

But he will be a media savvy pope able to connect with a wide range of people and appear larger than life in the likeness and image of Cardinal Timothy Dolan. He will command the world stage and draw the media unto himself which will enable him to make known the truth of the Church to the entire world.

Please read and watch what I post below. The next pope may well be one of these men, or a man who embodies all three great attributes of these three men; and all of them are Americans. Cue the twilight zone music:

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a very good article on Archbishop Chaput's impact and future impact, once named a Cardinal, as a Warrior Bishop; Press this sentence to read the article.
Tided into Warrior Catholicism, this Lay-run Catholic organization knows what Vatican II calls them to do in the world. You should see this ad on Monday, President's Day. I just saw it on Fox and Friends. I wonder what and who inspired this:

And Cardinal Raymond Burke celebrates the Holy Mass with a warrior like quality which could also occur in the Ordinary Form as it did for the Mass of the Chair of Saint Peter with Pope Benedict on Sunday:

And Cardinal Dolan, we have a media friendly sophisticate who presents a human, gregarious face of the Church to the Media, who like him!


William Meyer said...

Father, the advert you posted seems not to be working.

qwikness said...

Works for me. Yay Knights!
Vivat Iesus!

Marc said...

The next pope will certainly not be an American. However, I truly would love to see what Raymond Cardinal Burke would make of the Papacy!

I don't have a proven record of clairvoyance like Fr. McDonald does, but (if there is a conclave in the next five years) I predict the next Pope will be an Italian named Angelo Cardinal Scola, the current Archbishop of Milan.

Despite the speculation, I pray Pope Benedict will have many years and will be a greater and bolder force for Christian Unity and liturgical correctness in the coming years.

TCR said...

Archbishop Chaput definitely could fill the shoes of Peter; he is reminiscent of another apostle who might have been termed "incendiary and divisive," Saint Paul.

Truth, beauty, and righteous humour would be a powerful combination. Deus pro nobis!

Anonymous said...

God Bless Pope Benedict! This man is a strategic genius for all times. You never make your most powerful units your main force. You make the most powerful units free to maneuver and directly report to you. And at least three of them are directly in the enemy's camp. The best part of all is that they are favourite targets for the media. These guys are going to earn their Red, God bless them, martyred daily in the media. Proclaiming God's Truth and having it published on Satan's press. And I bet you cold not slap the smile off their faces when this is going on. I like a man who grins when he fights.


Anonymous said...

1. That looks like a Lighthouse media clip--they do excellent work!

2. I love how every time Senator Santorum goes on tv and the liberal reporter thinks he/she catches him for a sound bite he turns it around and makes all the sense in the world. Despite the obvious bias and the cards being stacked against him he took Bob out back to the woodshed.

3. The media is never going to win a debate with Rick on the issue of abortion and disabled children.

Joe Potillor said...

The next Pope will not be American...I pray it's Cardinal Ranjith or that Bp Schneider gets elevated to the Red soon. However, long live Pope Benedict XVI