Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Being called a prince of the Church need not be something to be avoided. This cardinal was a real prince of a man, prince of the Church and principled.

He died suddenly today, July 5th with His Eminence questions answered only indirectly, especially with the sacking of Cardinal Mueller.

UPDATE: 1Peterfive is reporting the following (I must be clairvoyant, but I felt there had to be a connection):

In the wake of the sudden and sad death of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has just revealed in a new 5 July interview that he spoke with Cardinal Meisner the night before he died. As the Passauer Neue Presse reports:
Müller had spoken over the phone with the former Archbishop of Cologne [Cardinal Meisner] the previous night [before he died the next morning]; and they also had spoken about the non-renewal of his former position. Meisner had shown himself to be “deeply saddened” by this dismissal. “That moved him personally and wounded him – and he considered it to be a form of damage for the Church,” as the Curial Cardinal [Müller] himself described the reaction of Meisner.
 Cardinal Müller also commented and sharply criticized in this new interview the conduct of Pope Francis with regard to his dismissal from the CDF. According to the Passauer Neue Presse:
In the interview with the PNP [Passauer Neue Presse], he explained that Pope Francis “communicated his decision” not to renew his term “within one minute” on the last work day of his five-year-term as Prefect of the Congregation for the Faith. Additionally, he [Müller] was not given any reasons for it. “This style [sic] I cannot accept,” as Müller stressed, clearly distancing himself from the procedure of the pope. In dealing with employees, also in Rome “the Church’s social teaching should be applied.”

Pope Francis sends telegramme on death of Cardinal Meisner

This file photo taken on March 11, 2013 shows German cardinal Joachim Meisner arriving at the Vatican - AFP
This file photo taken on March 11, 2013 shows German cardinal Joachim Meisner arriving at the Vatican - AFP
05/07/2017 15:58
(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis has sent a telegramme upon the death of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Archbishop emeritus of Cologne, who died on Wednesday at the age of 83.

“With profound emotion I learned that, suddenly and unexpectedly, Cardinal Joachim Meisner was called from this earth by the God of mercy,” the Pope wrote.

The Pope addressed his telegramme to Cardinal Rainer Woelki, current Archbishop of Cologne.
He said Cardinal Meisner was “dedicated to the proclamation of the Good News” with “profound faith and sincere love for the Church”.

“May Christ the Lord reward him for his faithful and intrepid efforts in favour of the good of people of East and West.”

Pope Francis closed the telegramme by imparting his Apostolic Blessing on all who “commemorate the late Pastor with prayers and sacrifices”.

With the death of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, the College of Cardinals stands at 224, 121 of whom are Cardinal electors.


Anonymous said...

If I were one of the other 3 cardinals I would watch my back. What's next .... a car accident maybe?

Anonymous said...

Since God is obviously on the side of our gloriously reigning Pontifex Maximus, a car accident hardly seems likely.

Avalanche or earthquake would be more apropos, since it WILL be an intervention from the Almighty.

Fr Martin Fox said...

A connection? Well, is there an albino monk prowling about?

ByzRus said...

Regarding H.E., memory eternal!

It is a shame we are witnessing H.H.'s perception of humility and mercy resulting in unprecedented confusion and division. I have read several stories of one diocese taking different stances than another and a priest who was removed by his bishop for following church doctrine. I hope our church survives this period and is reasonably intact when this papacy finds its end.

I don't have time now to cite sources/provide links but, all of this is easily searchable.

Anonymous said...

Taken out?


John Nolan said...

Cardinal Meisner was about to celebrate Xmas Midnight Mass in 2013 when a topless woman leapt onto the altar of Cologne cathedral bearing the slogan 'I am God'. He handled the situation with considerable aplomb and good humour.

It might be assumed that the wretched woman was mentally deranged, but the interview she gave afterwards indicated that she was anything but.

After his retirement there was an anniversary Mass in his honour and Gerhard Müller preached. I watched it on Youtube and it was an excellent sermon. The two cardinals knew each other well, and this might account for the peremptory nature of Müller's dismissal.

Benedict XVI was not one to bear grudges - he even offered an olive branch to Hans Küng, who scorned it. I wouldn't say the same about Francis. Some of his comments betray a certain petulance. But he's human after all, and I am not in a position to be censorious.

rcg said...

The last line of Nolan's post made me aspirate coffee.

John Nolan said...


It was not meant ironically! Honest!