Saturday, January 23, 2010


There is a new Liturgy blog, called Pray Tell. It is on the more progressive side of things, although it appears to strive to be balanced and ecumenical and includes the Orthodox Church's perspective on things. I appreciate having this as an alternative to the more conservative blogs on Liturgy, because we need to know what others are thinking and doing and we need to know the academic premise from which they operate. I believe this blog, like the New Liturgical Movement, strives for some type of academic integrity.

You can see the Pray Tell Blog at:

You can see the New Liturgical Movement Blog at:

When you go to the Pray Tell Blog, look at the article on "Coming From GIA." Read the article and then read the comments section below it. I have several entries and even get into a debate with one of the main bloggers of this site, Fr. Anthony, a very gracious young priest and one of the readers, Lynn. Let me know what you think when you read the article and the comments. Why do I do this???????????? Leave a comment on their blog too, but you must use your real name as I have done.


Jenny said...

Wow, Father, what HAVE you gotten into?! Not, most probably, a fun way to spend your day...but OH SO NECESSARY in these confused days of our beloved Church's history! I couldn't agree more with your thoughts/arguments.

It seems to me that we really don't take the liturgy as seriously as we ought, or as deeply. Since you referred us to the "pray/tell" site, I'd be interested in your/your commentors' comments on an article (from that site):


Gene said...

Isn't "academic integrity" some kind of oxymoron?

Kent said...

Just came across you web page after finding a link on Pray Tell. I had been following the dialogue and thought you were treated unfairly when accused of divisiveness in your response to "Liturgical Studies and Liturgical Renewal". Somebody had to tell it like it is. That seems to the be problem with so much of the liturgical debate. The Truth (as revealed in Vatican II and the Church documents) takes a back seat to tolerance of someone else's views. I intend to follow you blog site and hope to be inspired by what I read in the liturgical reform battle.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Thanks Kent, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and certainly your extremely correction observations :)
Fr. McDonald