Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As a balance to my post concerning the Extraordinary Form Nuptial Mass, at St. Joseph Church, our brides and grooms also have an option for a "no cost, no frills" wedding that takes place at a Sunday Mass. If the couple chooses this (and we've only had the one in the photos below, last year), they must take the Mass as it is normally celebrated for the particular Sunday. Only 8 pews can be reserved for any guests, they process in the normal procession, behind the servers, in front of the priest and the Mass and music is for that particular Sunday. We do allow a choice for them when it comes to the offertory motet or song. After the normal homily, they come forward for the consent, rings, etc and then return to their place in the congregation for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, come forward for the Nuptial Blessing and recess with the normal procession with the normal recessional hymn. This particular wedding worked out extremely well and was a our Saturday 4:30 PM Vigil Mass.

A part of the normal Sunday (vigil) procession, all are singing the normal processional hymn:

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Anonymous said...

Lovely and at the same time plain, Ordinary...It just does not have the feel of the Extraordinary Form Wedding Mass. For the once in a life experience (supposed to be once) wouldn't more couples opt for the Traditional Mass? Perhaps removing the expense for a specially selected few during a year would be a gift not only for the couple, but the Church. Kind of like a raffle, 2 couples per year. Surely the parish could afford this and it benefits all. A gift and promotional tool for many more to experience the tradtional liturgy and sacraments besides Sunday Mass.