Sunday, December 1, 2019


Dispute ideas, pope tells theologians, but don’t confuse the faithful

Dispute ideas, pope tells theologians, but don’t confuse the faithful
VATICAN CITY - Theologians must explore and debate disputed questions, at times even taking “risks” with what they propose, but those discussions should take place within the academy so as not to confuse the faithful, Pope Francis said.
“Theology must move forward,” the pope told members of the International Theological Commission. “It must face things that are not clear and take risks in discussion. However, this is among theologians.”
“You must give the solid food of faith to the people of God, not feed the people of God disputed questions,” because that could confuse them and cause them to lose their faith, the pope told the group Nov. 29 during a meeting celebrating the commission’s 50th anniversary.


Anonymous said...

If that guy isn’t the Antichrist he has to be an alcoholic. I mean he is just nuts.

Anonymous said...

One interpretation might be that not every theological discussion should be presented at the pulpit. It is just being aware of who the audience is at a particular time. A kindergarten class is one audience, high school students another. Both differ from parishioners at a Sunday Mass. Jesuits enrolled in Theology 602 are a league of their own. What is said in that classroom can easily be taken out of context to be either manipulated or misinterpreted .

TJM said...

Well, I would not call PF the Antichrist, but I think anyone who is intellectually honest would call him a major league hypocrite for his railing against traditional Catholics while showing such "tolerance" for the gay population

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

"Read the rest at Crux..." Why bother?

God bless.

Православный физик said...

Somewhere there is a pot calling kettle black