Saturday, July 14, 2018



Carol H. said...

Thank you, Father, for making me laugh out loud!

rcg said...

I also like your vacation masthead. I love the coastal area and miss going there. We fed the turtles from a similar bridge and a ‘gator snapped the same bait right on the turtle’s head. The headless shell floated aimlessly for a moment then the flippers began slowly paddleing to turn the shell and begin moving away from the ‘gator. Soon the head tentativly emerged from the shell and the turtle was none the worse for wear.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

As I look at your vacation masthead of the two turtles and the 'gator, and the toes of somebody watching from above, my first impulse was that I'd intervene, and drop a rock or something near the turtles to give them some warning of impending doom. But then I think, what the heck - God watches this kind of scenario every day, and even without Divine Wisdom can see what's about to happen, and permits it.

I'm not as brave as God is... :-)

God bless.