Thursday, March 22, 2018


And now there is more! It appears that the Vatican Motel Six under Pope Francis is in as much disarray as Trump's Whitehouse!

LaStampa has more on LETTERGATE!!!! Read the full article HERE.

Viganò’s resignation: background 

and unanswered questions 

Was Ratzinger’s entourage warned of the partial
reading of the letter? And Francis’ comment on
the yet-to-be completed media reform
Pope Francis with Monsignor Dario Viganò, head of the Secretariat for Communication since 2015

That email of Saturday, March 17 

At the origin of the thunderous resignation of the Prefect of Vatican communication, there is certainly the communicative management of Ratzinger’s letter. But there is no doubt that tensions with other curial bodies, in particular with the Secretariat of State, contributed to Monsignor Viganò’s departure from the scene and to yesterday’s epilogue.  

The Vatican Media reform has centralized considerable power in the hands of the prefect, and his management has caused more than one arm-wrestle. The last episode took place Saturday. The day before, on the morning of Friday, March 16, Francis had received in Audience, seminarians and priests from the Roman colleges. The Pope had given indications that he did not want the meeting to be live-streamed.  

L’Osservatore Romano, who had a journalist present, published on the paper edition that same afternoon a short chronicle, summarizing the contents but without including any of the Pope’s quotations. On Saturday morning, while the Pope was in San Giovanni Rotondo, the Secretariat of State asked Francis if he wanted the integral transcription of the dialogue with the seminarians to be distributed to journalists and then made public. Bergoglio would have replied no, adding that the line to follow would be that of the Osservatore’s summary chronicle, which did not include any of his quotations. Thus, the Secretariat of State, at about 10.30 a.m., sends a message to about ten email addresses in the Vatican media and the Press Office, to inform them that the transcription of the papal text would not be published and that they should take cue from the news published by the Osservatore Romano. 

The Prefect’s reply  
Within a few minutes, a harsh reply from Viganò arrived at all the email addresses, unaware of the fact that the Secretariat of State’s indications were coming directly from the Pope: the prefect cried “confusion”, claiming the autonomy of the Press Office, and more specifically that of the Secretariat for Communication, with respect to the Osservatore Romano. In his reply, he adds that the other Vatican media reported the Pope’s dialogue with the seminarians as they considered most appropriate. When this email exchange took place, the controversy about rumors over Ratzinger’s letter omitted paragraph had yet to burst. The news on the undisclosed lines of the Pope emeritus provoked yet another earthquake, and after a quick round of consultations between Viganò, the Secretariat of State and Benedict XVI’s entourage, it was decided to finally publish the full text.  

This article was published in today’s edition of the daily newspaper La Stampa  


TJM said...

That's a terrible photo of the Pope in his "Lenten" vestments. Looks like he's in his pajamass

ByzRC said...

Oh my goodness, TJM, I was thinking the same thing. I would never think to caption that photo with exquisite. Between the ugly abstract crucifixion motif on that unattractive chausable to those collars that I don't care for and the somewhat unattractive vessels - not exquisite. That's a bowl for nuts, not a paten/discos. Very 70s though! The only thing that's missing are the coordinating banners with felt muffins and guppies.

Joe Potillor said...

That 70's show, returning to a local western parish near you :p

It seems to me the only time Pope Benedict is ever brought out, is when he can be used to achieve a certain agenda....I'm glad Pope Benedict saw right through this and did not give the full endorsement.

TJM said...


LOL, That 70s Show did a great job of emptying out the pews! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.