Friday, March 23, 2018


Atheist Richard Dawkins warns against celebrating the alleged demise of Christianity in Europe


Mark Thomas said...

Speaking of atheists...

I just scanned Twitter in search of Catholic news. I came across the following from Rorate Caeli...once again, the two-faced nature of Rorate Caeli has been revealed.

To begin:

At pre-synod, atheist says he is optimistic about church's future

VATICAN – Religious and nonreligious people today must learn to engage in fair and objective dialogue so that they may unite the world and make it better as a whole, a young atheist said.

Sandro Bucher, a delegate from Switzerland, said the pre-synod meeting of young people taking place in Rome is not just an opportunity for the church to listen to young Catholics and Christians but also a chance for them to understand and work together with their nonreligious peers.

"I am very optimistic about the future of the church to be more open."


Rorate Caeli tweeted:

"Yes, we should really care about the opinion of an atheist. Great that they're being consulted about what the Church should do now."

Hmmm...but Rorate Caeli promoted the opinion of an atheist who had denounced His Holiness Pope Francis.

THE ULTIMATE INTERVIEW to Understand all About Pope Francis: Marcello Pera, Italian politician and close Ratzinger friend

Marcello Pera is an influential intellectual in Italy. A former president of the Italian Senate, he is a close friend of Benedict XVI, and even co-authored a book of lectures with him on the decay of the West (Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam)

In an interview with Naples newspaper Il Mattino, published on July 9, 2017, Marcello Pera presented what can reasonably be called the general view of Pope Francis by the wide moderate spectrum of Italians, and Europeans, of all classes.


The above two-faced nonsense from Rorate Caeli demonstrates the dishonesty of said blog...a blog that attacks and misrepresents Pope Francis, and additional Churchmen, daily.

When it involves "FrancisChurch," Rorate Caeli condemns the opinions of an atheist.

However, when atheist Marcello Pera attack the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, Rorate Caeli was keen to have promoted said atheist's opinions.

Rorate Caeli even played-up the atheist's credentials when Rorate declared that the atheist is Cardinal Ratzinger's close friend.

Once again, the phoniness of Rorate Caeli, the supposed "leading" "traditional" Catholic blog, has been exposed.


Mark Thomas

ByzRC said...

Dawkins isn't saying anything new or, revolutionary. It is no secret that outside of tradition, the churches in many places are emptying, the episcopacy is week allowing anomalies like intercommunion etc. in addition to the waves of emigres entering from non-Christian countries. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has raised concerns about this more than once. Nothing remarkable is being said here.