Tuesday, November 3, 2015


There is a major scandal brewing yet again in the Vatican which is of the same nature as the scandals during Pope Benedict's time. It involves Vatican finances and leaking of private information of the pope's. I'm beginning to wonder if the mafia isn't in control of the Vatican Bank as corrupt as it is and which has such a corrupting effect upon those involved in it.

The more that is revealed about this scandal and that quite possibly it led to Pope Benedict's resignation as he couldn't clean it up himself and that those closest to him where the problem, his hand-picked men, I wonder why in the world we even have a Vatican Bank. Maybe it should be sold to a secular banking institution completely out of the hands of the Vatican?

I suspect in the case of this new scandal precipitated by two books that are being released this week with content from Vatican insiders who are trying to disrupt the Pope's efforts to clean up the finances of the Vatican which resulted in the Vatican arresting a priest-monsignor and a lay woman, both appointees of Pope Francis, who may well have leaked sensitive information to the authors, that Pope Francis is being victimized by them and these books.

However, there were red flags by conservative bloggers when the woman was appointed to her position not the least of which were due to racy photos of her and a male friend that appeared on the internet and some other inauspicious things she had said and done. Pope Francis gave her a pass though!

But there seems to be bigger problems at the Vatican under Pope Francis compared to Pope Benedict. It is clear now that Pope Benedict was not an administrator and disliked it, thus he delegated too much to men he trusted who betrayed him.

But Pope Benedict was a brilliant theologian and teacher of the Faith. He did not confuse anyone with his teachings and he did heroic work in bringing back Catholic orthodoxy and orthopraxis to rank and file Catholics.

Pope Francis on the other hand is no theologian. He is not clear in what he teaches and some of what he teaches seems to come very close to changing doctrine. He is a loose canon when it comes to the interviews he gives and the telephone calls he makes and the words he uses that are used against the orthodox.

The Holy Father's interview with the Italian atheist journalist where the journalist, who has misquoted Pope Francis before (or did he?) adds to even more confusion concerning mercy and morality, sexual morality in particular and those in irregular, illicit marriages.

The just completed synod was spun as an exercise in the messiness of synodality. It was simply a mess and you can put all the lipstick you want on a pig but it is still a pig!

There is more polarization in the Church today then we had since 1968 and much of it caused by Pope Francis and his ambiguities. 

This is a mess for the entire Church, clergy and laity together and it is of Pope Francis' making. The Financial scandal is a mess for the Vatican. I wish the first mess would be cleaned up first--its impacting more people in the Church than the stupid Vatican finances! Sell the damn bank!


Anonymous said...

If the Vatican sold or shut the bank, it would be completely at the mercy of the same commercial banks who shut down ATM usage and bank transfers by the Vatican until Pope Benedict "resigned". I do not think shutting the bank wise at all. Replacign it with a new bank may be needed but controlled by the Vatican. Holy See sovereignty has nothing to do with being worldly and everythign to do with not being dependent on secular state entities in order for it to exist.

Jusadbellum said...

I have taken the time to re-read many of Pope Francis' homilies and talks and have to say the theological insights and image of the man that these relatively uncommented on talks or homilies are wildly divergent from the few news stories we typically get.

So I don't know what's what anymore. I can read Evangelii Gaudium and not see the Marxist socialism. I read Laudato Sii and the idea that it's a blank check for one world government socialism doesn't leap off the page.

I'm beginning to think that most people aren't reading him as much as they're just referencing him.

Is this all a colossal head fake?

But then Benedict XVI came and the world and Church pretty much ignored him. People with all sorts of opinions about him probably didn't read anything he wrote.

Do we just make up our minds about people being in tribes first and then cherry pick random quotes to make it fit ex post facto?

Anonymous said...

And just WHO is the author of confusion?

Doesn't take a genius.

I'm not calling the pope names. I'm simply referencing the force who seems to be calling the shots.

Gene said...

Hey, Dude, those Vatican folks really know how to party!

JBS said...


Thank you for your brief comment. We really shouldn't be surprised when few Catholics read papal messages, just as it's not surprising that few voters read political party manifestos. It's all about image, and Pope Francis is very effectively projecting a particular image.

Anonymous said...

Well it was Francis who said go out and make a mess. Personally I think he needs a thorough mental examination. I mean that in all sincerity. The daily hateful language he uses indicates that he suffers from some severe emotional disorder. The man has seem narcissistic to me from the being. Something is WRONG and it can't continue. I don't give a dam about a bank. I want the Catholic Faith taught clearly and fearlessly without compromise. Wuerl, Cupich and Marx, Daneels and any other super high ranking official, need to resign and just get a flat together in San Francisco and live the life they have always dreamed of living. Enough with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that people on this blog have made up their minds about Francis because they haven't taken the time to study what he says and writes. His two papal documents are very revealing about who he is. You know that liberal theology specializes in vague language. It serves a great purpose of allowing for heretics to draw their own conclusions so you end up with disorganization and disunity. Joyful Gospel and Climate Change may not hit you over the head with a bold new idea on each page but mixed into his prose are great little surprises that are useful tools for leftists and heretics.

A synod on the family convened in 2015 could have dealt with many pressing issues; instead we got some nonsense about a fictitious crisis of millions of divorced people suffering because they can’t receive Communion. When what we really have is a crisis for the disregard for the Blessed Sacrament because people receive without concern of having grave sin on their souls. When’s the last time any of us have heard a priest tell us in a homily what sins are of grave/mortal consequence that prohibit us from being able to receive worthily?

I don’t think we should try to convince ourselves that Pope Francis is that rare Jesuit conservative. He isn’t and there are many people much better informed than me who have provided Francis highlights on this blog that summarize very succinctly his achievements.

We are in an ongoing mess that began long before the synod had its opening prayer. As long as Francis rules it will continue.


Anonymous said...

This insanity has to stop and I must state it is up to Francis and I agree there is something wrong with him, so much anger at everything Catholic. My faith is being shaken to its core with so much confusion.