Wednesday, November 4, 2015


This is from CRUX and you can read it here and its not only about a nun in a habit who is young but also about the Food Network. Of course the only religious orders of women who have young nuns are the ones who also wear habits and have a distinctive apostolate and actually live like nuns. This is a very nice updated Franciscan habit if you ask me!

Catholic nun set to compete on the Food Network

And then Rorate Caeili is reporting on the vocations galore of the FSSP not to be confused with the FSXP although they ain't doing bad either! And by the way I have a biretta too, what priest worth his salt doesn't?

For the record: Latest FSSP statistics

As of October 24, 2015, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter has a total of 421 members (257 incardinated), of whom 262 are priests, 14 are deacons and 145 are seminarians (including postulants but not including the deacons). All the deacons are incardinated in the FSSP. Of the 262 priest-members, 243 are incardinated, 11 are incorporated "ad annum", 4 are associated and 4 are postulants. Fifteen priests have been ordained this year -- the highest since 2004, when the FSSP had seventeen sacerdotal ordinations. (FSSP has averaged at 11 ordinations per year since 2004). The average age of the membership of FSSP is 37. 


Marc said...



qwikness said...

Is the FSSP like a religious order or can priests from other orders or dioceses be in the FSSP also, like a confraternity? You for example, can you be a pastor at St. Joseph's in the Diocese of Savannah and be a FSSP priest?

Anonymous said...

God bless the F.S.S.P. Institute of Christ the King and yes folks our brethen the S.S.P.X. for without them the afomentiond groups would not exist!! Happy to be back on Father's blog. Thank you Father!!!

Marc said...

qwikness, the short answer is no. Priests can leave their diocese and be incardinated into the FSSP, though.

The FSSP is like a religious order.

JBS said...

They have about the same number of ordinations each year as a typical, small, rural diocese.

Dale 3400 said...

Father McDonald, you seem to be the only Catholic blogger who has not yet addressed the Anthony Perlas/Latin Mass Society issue. What is your take on it? On the chance you are not aware, bloggers like Fr Z, TraditionalAltarBoy, plus various Catholic message boards have been on this story for the past week, but the most complete report is from 1Peter5:

But is Perlas, if you take the Latin Mass out of the equation and don't dig into the disturbing Hitler references, really worse than say, Cardinals Daneels and Kasper, with how they have tried to push sodomy into the Church through the Synod? Really, Perlas seems to be a typical post-Vatican II Catholic, but he's getting more scrutiny because of the Latin Mass. As if to illustrate Traditional Catholics are held to a higher standard than Novus Ordo Catholics (and you yourself Father, on this blog, hold Catholics to a higher standard than Protestants, who you give a free pass to things you never allow Catholics to get away with).

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Dale, there is no comparison. I tried to read your link at onepeterfive and grew sick just reading his post about this. This guy is pathological and needs treatment to include the psychiatric as well as spiritual.

I wouldn't waste any time on his blog or reading his stuff or the voyeurism he is promoting. It is simply sick.