Monday, October 1, 2012


Mr. Ronald Carbon's wife requested that black vestments be used at her husband's funeral memorial Mass. He died of melanoma cancer and black is the official color of the ribbons that those who have experienced melanoma wear.

We give those who are bereaved three choices for the Funeral Mass, the Requiem, violet, white and black. The choice is theirs as well as the choices for the Scriptures and various music, but from a strict list.

These are pictures from today' Requiem. Ron donated his body to the Georgia Health Sciences University, Medical College of Georgia, soon to be Georgia Regents University,in Augusta for med students to practice.


Unknown said...

I think black is a very authentic expression of solemnity and mourning. Would that more people used black vestments for Requiem Masses.

ytc said...


Anonymous said...

With a name like "Carbon" was any other colour really an option?

Rood Screen said...

What's interesting to me is that the typical edition of the missal (MR 2002) lists only violate and black as options. So, although white has become quite common in many places, technically it remains an addition to the universal norm in the Roman Rite. That said, I would think that in those Asian cultures where white is the ancient color of mourning, white vestments really should remain the preferred option.
Personally, I explicitly give mourners the option of violet or black. But if they insist on white anyway, I acquiesce.

Etienne said...

I give myself (as the priest celebrant) the option of either black or black for the funeral Mass. I just don't feel compelled to consult about everything. I suppose I should be in therapy about this attitude, but I am really just too set in my ways. God bless.