Friday, October 26, 2012


There has been a citywide effort in Augusta, Georgia in an almost popular uprising to get the name of Augusta into our newly consolidated colleges and universities.

Let's set the stage once again. In Augusta there are two state universities. The first is the Medical College of Georgia that goes back to the early 1800's. The second is Augusta State University, a liberal arts institution.

About 10 years ago, Augusta State University became the new moniker for the former Augusta College. About three years ago, the Medical College of Georgia became "Georgia Health Sciences University. Last year the state Board of Regents decided to consolidate the two state universities and they came up with the name "Georgia Regents University."

Augustans wanted the name of Augusta in the name of the school. And now after months of strident protest they seem to have won the day or have they?

What the consolidated president says below is interesting, in all merchandise sold with the school's name on it, it will now be "Georgia Regents University, Augusta" a mouthful to say the least. However, the official name of the school remains Georgia Regents University.

Dr. Azziz who is at the center of this storm and not one bit liked in Augusta because he is a steamroller, does not indicate in the video that the signage will have the Augusta name in it and the Board of Regents will not meet to approve the Augusta name because officially the Augusta name is still not in it, it will only be on merchandise the school sells to appease Augustans.

Is this a good solution, or is Augusta being yanked around by the "A?"

I report, you decide. Just in case you are wondering, I could care less if the Augusta name is in it or not. What I care about is that this consolidated university become a nationally recognized one, grow to the stature of the University of Georgia or Georgia Tech and bring more jobs and prestige to the Augusta area, where one day I hope to retire. Except for Georgians, who else knows where the University of Georgia is located? Athens of course, or Georgia Tech? Atlanta of course. Or Georgia Southern University, Statesboro of course.

So I guess it will be called by Augustans "GRUA"?