Thursday, October 18, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Compleanno felice a te!

I had prayed that my mom would have made it to her 93 birthday today. She was born on October 18, 1919 in Livorno, Italy. She made it to the 18th, but September 18th, 2012. Maybe I forgot to specify the month in my prayer?

So I offer her birthday wishes and in heaven I pray, her first there with her family reunion! Happy Birthday Mama!

Buon Compleanno a te,

Buon Compleanno a te,

Buon Compleanno mama mia

Buon Compleanno a te!

My mother's parents (both of whom died before I was born), her father's family (Sainati) had roots in Corsica, known for Napoleon, who too, was short and as fighters! My mother took after her father in terms of his height, not her mother, but thank God I took after my own father! Corsica is a French Island slightly south of France and near Livorno, in fact it can be seen from Livorno's coast. Although French, they speak Italian too. My French ancestry I only learned about three years ago.

I took this picture of my mother and me visiting two of her six sisters at her sister Angelina's apartment in the early 80's,(two brothers too) Angelina and Tina, Angelina is grating the cheese into my mother's plate and a great grand niece looks on:

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Anonymous 2 said...

Dear Father McDonald,

I wonder what birthdays are like in heaven. Unimaginably wonderful, like everything else, I suspect.

We continue to remember your mother in our prayers.

I was not so fortunate in the genetic height department. The men on my mother’s side were tall but not on my father’s side. My father was 5’8”, his father 5’4” and his father’s sister (my father’s aunt) 4’11’. I took after my father’s side. So if you see me with my arm tucked inside my vest and wearing a big hat. . . .