Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have about three 1965 Roman Missals, then called "Sacramentary." As you can see from the pictures of the pages I took with my iPhone, We have the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the Gloria (more like our newly revised one) the Credo with the First Person "I" and more like our revised Credo and a page that has the propers for the First Sunday after Pentecost. Please note that in the margins of each page, the Latin is given as well which means that Latin or English could easily have been prayed using this missal, a wonderful idea for the reform of our current missal.


Ryan Ellis said...

One practical problem with a Latin/English version of MR3 is the fact that the text is so much longer than the 1965 transitional.

Besides the various options for Mass, you have a ton more votives and masses for various occasions. There's the extra Eucharistic Prayers, etc. Given the workout the new English-only MR3 is giving the altar boys at my parish, I shudder to think what doubling the size would do.

Henry Edwards said...

The new people's hand missal for the OF published in England by the Catholic Truth Society


is the only new translation (to my knowledge) that includes both the Latin and English side by side (and same size) for the ordinary and all the propers and antiphons (excluding only the scripture readings).

The complete (daily and Sunday version) has 3448 pages, the most pages of any book in my personal library. But it's absolutely indispensable for anyone who's serious about the OF in both English and Latin. I use it especially for the Liturgy of the Hours daily, for the new English translations of the collects.

ytc said...

I don't see why all the extra "goodies" of the OF Missal, like the ones Ryan talks about above, couldn't have simply been included in a supplementary publication, so as to make room for Latin versions in the main Missal for the more important parts like the Ordinary, Solemnities, Feasts and Memorials.

Now, I wonder, Father, if you could make a request to the CDW... to see if they would grant you an ad experimentum indult to celebrate the Mass according to the Missal of 1965!

Henry Edwards said...

There are always special Masses not contained in any published missal, such as the newly composed Mass for New Evangelization


(look at both the Latin and English if not also the Hungarian version) that Pope Benedict used in the October 11 Mass opening the Year of Faith, complete with newly-composed Gregorian chant for the introit and communion antiphons.

rcg said...

Henry, check the Midwest Theological Society MRIII.

Henry Edwards said...


You can check some sample pages of the MTF missal at


I bought the CTS missal instead precisely because the Midwest Theological Forum (MTF) missal does NOT have the Latin versions of the propers--the collect, prayer over the gifts, and postcommunion prayer--nor (especially important to me) the Latin prefaces. I use all these in the Liturgy of the Hours, closing the Office of Readings with each day's Latin propers and preface, none of which are in the MTF.

So the only currently available complete Latin-English missal that enables me also to pray the whole OF Mass in Latin is the CTS.