Thursday, January 27, 2011


This morning at 5:45 AM as I exercised on the elliptical machine at the Macon Health Club, I was watching TV and praying the Holy Rosary to my self, using my fingers as the beads when low and behold ESPN had an advertisement for the Master's Golf Tournament that they will televise which always occurs the first full week in April in my hometown of Augusta, GA.

Certainly this advertisement is like the Ground Hog on Ground Hog Day, February 2, which is also Candlemas Day which causes the ground hog to come out of his hibernation because of all the commotion outside to either see hundreds of people with shining candles being blessed or no one celebrating this feast outdoors because it is too cold. Whatever he sees, it either means more winter or an early spring.

Certainly the advertisement of the Master's Golf Tournament (say it as Augustans do: Tune-ah-mint)means a early spring. I can't wait!

And by the way on Saturday it may get very close to 70 degrees here in good old Macon! Spring is here alright! ESPN is infallible!


Seeker said...

A Truly inspirational post. All the wild weather the north-easterners are experiencing now, I did last year. It can be beautiful up there but, I love warm weather. Think I took it for granted! Glad to be back where I belong.

Anonymous said...

Don't hog it all down there! Take some and pass it on.


SqueekerLamb said...

It may be unwise for one to post to the world the time of day and exact location of oneself.
Wierdos and ne'er-do-wells love to learn a person's routine, so they know where and when to strike.

Just a personal safety tip.

Anonymous said...

Good point. He will not be any where near St Joseph's Church nave on any Sunday at 0745, 0930, 1210, or 5pm wearing brightly coloured robes.

He will be on the golf course.


pinanv525 said...

This would be a great place for some golf jokes...but I don't know any clean ones! LOL...

Dan said...

Rosary on the fingers? I call it a "digital rosary!"

pinanv525 said...

Contrary to appearances, it would be possible to transform golf into an actual athletic event. I would suggest the following:
1. A one-hundred yard dash to each tee. Winner tees off first and from shorter distance.
2. You must break through a defensive line for your second shot. Each failure to break through results in a one stroke penalty.
3. You must box one three minute round before each shot on the green.

For more spectacular pandering to today's tastes:
1. Sandtraps are mined.
2. A number of rattlesnakes are released into the rough along each fairway.
3. Crocodiles sunning by water hazards.

Now, that is a golf game I could watch...