Thursday, January 20, 2011


The abortionist arrested in Philadelphia for the murder of babies:

The result of an abortionist's murder:

In this morning's Macon Telegraph there is a story of an abortionist in South Philadelphia who has been arrested and charged with murder for performing late term abortions. So far he and others in his clinic have been charged with 9 counts of murder. What they did was allow an almost full term baby to exit the womb, a baby that could have survived an early birth, and then plunged a pair of forceps into the back of the baby's neck and then sever the spinal cord and allow the baby to die.

I think what I described is just as horrible as what that gun man did in Arizona if not worse.

There has been a lot of talk by the political left about rhetoric in America and its link to the shooting in Arizona.

Yet, almost every Sunday morning I watch an early morning program on PBS called "To the Contrary." It's a woman's show with all women on the panel. Almost every show has some comment on the mean old political right that wants to limit a woman's right to choose an abortion, even a late term abortion. It is cloaked under the "respectability" of promoting the economic and psychological welfare of women, especially poor women.

Thus this TV show and its participants are complicit in assisting women to make the choice to violently killed their unborn, even late term babies. There is no law against it and you won't hear the political left castigating them for their complicity.

Hypocrisy reigns supreme in secular America and her politics. And many Catholics have drunk the cool-aide of the political left. That's another horror in all of this.

If there is a link to violence against those who walk the streets, let us begin to look at the violence that the Supreme Court and other laws of the land have upheld that allows the innocent unborn to experience a fate worse than what most people experience on the streets and in shopping centers in terms of violence and murder.


Anonymous said...

This is a quote from the article I read this morning in our local paper: "In a typical late-term abortion, the fetus is dismembered in the uterus and then removed in pieces. That is more common than the procedure opponents call "partial-birth abortion," in which the fetus is partially extracted before being destroyed." The "rhetoric" here is supposed to imply that one method is less violent (read humane) than the other. I don't understand how the world can take this view? Both methods are as gruesome as what the PA abortionist did. And the PA abortionist is just as evil as the demon that shot the people in Arizona.

Henry Edwards said...

Surely the late-term-abortion photo you show is far more horrible than any that came from the Arizona shooting.

SqueekerLamb said...

I say there EQUALLY horrible, because ALL humans are equal.
THAT's precisely the point that Pro-Choicers don't get.
The mother is not more worthy of anything than the embryo that's trying to implant into her womb is worthy of.
Those televison shows are lying to women by trying to con them into thinking 'it's their right' to choose. But will those show panelists be there for the woman when she cries herself to sleep at night for the rest of her life because of what she's done? Will they be there for the fathers who participated?

In case you haven't heard abaout the new book unPLANNED about the Director of a Planned Parenthood that switched sides in 2009 and is becming a Catholic..go get it.
She's not a world famous big shot. She's just one young woman, whose story can change the hearts of the big shots and lawmakers.

Jenny said...

Yes, but let us never fail to live in hope!:

Robert Kumpel said...

The entire culture of abortion is awash in violence.

You have never really tasted hatred until you have prayed the rosary in front of an abortuary.

Sadly, the same rage and anger is aimed at the Catholic Church today for a wide variety of issues: For instance, homosexual activists interrupting Mass by shouting "Stop Killing Us!"--as if the Catholic Church was "killing" homosexuals because it forbids the use of contraceptives.

Perhaps you, Father, as a priest, have tasted that hatred in airports or other public venues when people have glared at you or made hateful remarks because they saw you dressed as a clergyman and jumped to the conclusion that you were somehow a child molester. Many priests have had this happen to them, even though only a very small percentage of priests were ever engaged in such scandals.

All of it has the same source: The true enemy of Christians. He hides his face behind all these other distractions, but we know who he is.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how emotional abortion defenders get on this topic. I think it is a primal link of some kind. To attain a culture of life we will need a culture of dignity where women have a broader choice than to be breeding stock or sex toys. Abortion supporters need to be confronted on that issue.


Anonymous said...

The ugliest, most hate-filled place I have ever spent any time at has been while praying in front of abortion clinics all over our country. The 'spirit' is always the same & darkness reigns heavily, despite the weather on any given day.

I have been reviled, spat on, cursed at, had objects thrown at me, been shoved, hit & screamed at with more obscenities than any person could believe possible.

All of these actions have been perpetrated upon me - a woman - by other women. All of these actions have occurred while I stood silently & peacefully praying. The more peaceful the prayer & atmosphere, the more ugly & violent has been the response.

If you really want to know what truly frightens the enemy of our souls, spend some time praying in front of an abortion clinic.

If you ever 'wondered' what all the fuss was about, why women can't just 'choose' what do do with 'their' bodies (another deception/lie), then go & pray in front of an abortion clinic.

If you ever want to change the world we live in or be changed forever inside yourself, go & pray in front of an abortion clinic.

Go & Pray. Change Lives. Be changed.

One day you will meet those innocents killed before they ever took a breath at the clinics you prayed in front of & they will embrace you for trying to save them, for your courage in the face of persecution & for your prayers on their behalf.

Pray for those of us who will be traveling from all parts of the USA to converge in DC this weekend & Monday to once again be a voice in the wilderness. This is year 38 of Roe v. Wade & with appx 1.5 million reported abortions annually in the US, that is 57 million innocents dead in our country alone (China's abortion rate is 'down' to about 8 million/year from 14 million annually during the one child per family years). The annual March for Life is ignored by our country's media despite attendance that has remained steady at 300,000+ annually.

It is time for those who believe that ALL life is sacred to stand up & be counted. It is time to decide what really matters. It is time to face the very real fact that our silence, particularly as Catholics, is a grave sin of omission.

The unborn are counting on us. -pgal

SqueekerLamb said...

Will you try KNEELING while you pray outside an abortion clinic next time?

Anonymous said...

Kneeling, standing, prostrate, marching & always, always praying - all of it & then our lives as well if God asks... -pgal

pinanv525 said...

We are a violent society by birthright. Our problems are spiritual and theological, not social and psychological, and "violence" encompasses far more than physical acts. Adam and Eve did violence to their relationship to God; read again the language of Genesis. God's words are couched in violence and threat...He places cherubim with a "flaming sword which turned every way to guard the tree of life." Our access to life, real life in harmony with God, is irrevocably blocked by the threat of violence. Its restoration through Christ was only achieved through the violence of the Cross.
Even our first city, the symbol of civilization and technology, was built by Cain and conceived in violence. God had to place a mark on Cain, presumptive of the violence that haunted and threatened him.
So, is it any wonder our culture is obsessed and beset with violence in every form? Abortion is not only murder and physical violence, it is based upon the violence done to the family by our so-called enlightenment and liberation. Divorce is a form of violence to relationships, severing bonds intended to represent and reflect Christ's marriage to the Church.
It is amusing to me that so many "progressives" abhor things like war and guns and physical violence, but gloss right over the more subtle and pervasive forms. The very causes they espouse, abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, de-constructing the Liturgy by nature do violence to the fundamental relationships and structures of our society. But there is more...
Our vaunted technology is a form of violence against our humanity. Look at all the people with their heads in and Ipod, or Blackberry, or some other hand held self-stimulatory device. Our relationships to others are becoming increasingly mediated by technological devices that place them at several removes from real "encounter." This is a long term form of violence to interpersonal integrity. People are distracted and their awareness of themselves and others is fragmented.
Television, music, and movies...Satan smiles everytime you turn the knob. Violent lyrics, particularly against women, pornography (both visual and verbal), and a constant cacophany of rage. Our national pastimes of sports have increasingly become spectacles of violent behavior, violent commercials, and excesses
of one kind or another. Drug use, pollution, food additives, noise...all long-term forms of violence against our person and our psyche.
So, what's an abortion to this society...big deal. Ah, Calvin...that Total Depravity is so hard to give up. But, seriously, it is in the Mass and the Liturgy and the wonderful Mystery of Christ's Real Presence that I am able to see beyond that depravity to the Image of God that does remain and that calls us to our true selves in Christ. So, tell 'em to quit messing with it!

SqueekerLamb said...

Wow, pin, that was gooood!