Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Pope Francis has given another on-board interview and this one will make some really, really mad!

Here are the money quotes:

On the idea of women priests, Francis reiterated Pope John Paul II’s prohibition, saying that “his final word was clear and this remains”.

Asked by another Swedish journalist if that meant “forever”, he said: “If we read carefully the declaration of St. John Paul II, it goes in that direction, yes””


TJM said...

The National Anti-Catholic Reporter and fake catholics everywhere will now fall out of love with Pope Francis.

Rood Screen said...

All Christian women participate in the priesthood of believers. This priesthood demands that we all offer ourselves to Christ, Who then offers us to His Father.

That the priesthood in persona Christi capitis is always all-male has been clear enough for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Funny, I didn't see this trumpeted in the national media anywhere. I first read it on a Catholic blog, and the secular media is either kind of equivocating or made it a short almost non-story:

Reuters: Pope says he believes ban on female priests is forever
NY Times: Pope Francis Says Ban on Female Priests Is Likely to Endure
BBC: no story
AP: Pope rules out women's ordination forever
Washington Post: Pope Francis says the Catholic Church will probably never have female priests

So we get headlines using words like "he believes," "likely," and "probably," which of course suggests "for now."
Only AP reported it as "rules out...forever."

When Francis said "who am I to judge?" the media pounced on that even when it did not mean what they wanted it to mean, and trumpeted it like he endorsed homosexuality as normal. But say women will never be priests...well, at best bury the story or don't report it, and just say "probably."

What amazes me is when I read or hear a liberal say there is no bias in the media....


John Nolan said...

JP II did not prohibit women priests; he merely confirmed the (infallible) teaching of the Ordinary and Universal Magisterium that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly Orders on women.

The same would apply to the diaconate unless there is strong and incontrovertible evidence that the exercise of the diaconal function (as currently understood) by women was once a universal norm. No such evidence exists and it is hardly likely that the recently appointed commission will unearth any.