Saturday, October 1, 2016


So many say Pope Francis doesn't speak forcefully enough on marriage and gender theories. I don't know how they can say this when they have these words from Pope Francis. Maybe they only read commentary. These people think that what they hear on CNN and Fox is actually news rather than ideology. 

global war against marriage nowadays

Pope Francis during his address to priests, religious and seminarians in Tbilisi, Georgia. - ANSA
Pope Francis during his address to priests, religious and seminarians in Tbilisi, Georgia. - ANSA
01/10/2016 14:15
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis’ first engagement on Saturday afternoon in the Georgian capital was a meeting with priests, religious and seminarians in Tbilisi’s Church of the Assumption. In an off-the-cuff address to the gathering, the Pope warned against what he termed “a global war to destroy marriage” in contemporary society. This war, he explained, is not being “waged with weapons” but with ideas. The “great enemy of marriage” nowadays, the Pope went on, is "gender theory" which he described as “an ideological colonization.”


Anonymous said...

He dares speaks of a "global war to destroy marriage"! That is rich coming from a man who said, and YES HE SAID IT, that people living together outside of marriage is a real marriage. And let's not forget that adulterers who find it to difficult to stop having sex can still fornicate against the commandments of God and still be in the state of grace and receive the sacraments. That's rich that this man is supposed to be the rock on which the Church is built. His filthy beliefs are directly in defiance of the words, the commands of Christ Himself. I for one could care less what that old man has to say on anything.

Charles G said...

Well he certainly is not helping things with his promotion of communion by unrepentant divorced and remarried persons and his utterly subjective approach to sexual morality in Amoris laetitia, spitting in the face of St. John Paul II and his magisterium, not to mention the words of Our Lord on marriage. He is a Jesuit and thus will happily toss a rhetorical bone now and then to the orthodox Catholic believers he despises, all the while working for the long term undermining of Catholic teaching on faith and morals. This papacy is nothing but a trial to this convert.

Gene said...

This Pope's damage has already been done...anything he says now has little footing. It is sort of like Marie Antoinette saying, "And
ice cream...I meant to say let them eat cake AND ice cream..."

Rood Screen said...

The difference between men and women seems to me to be the most obvious thing in the world. "Gender ideology" is some sort of mass hysteria. As for marriage, there is certainly widespread hostility towards fruitful couples, but I don't really see any societal forces opposing lifetime marriage. Marriage ceremonies have become rituals of self-worship, and concubinage is now widely accepted, but I don't see long-married couples being coerced into divorce.

gob said...

My wife and I have been married for sixty years. We're just hanging on for the sake of the of them...ages 48 to 58...

Anonymous said...

Oh Gene, You are so much smarter than our Pope.
Perhaps you should fly to Rome and teach him how to run the church.

Anonymous said...

"Oh Gene, You are so much smarter than our Pope.
Perhaps you should fly to Rome and teach him how to run the church."

I would rather have Gene as pope than Francis. I would rather have my mailman as pope than Francis at least I know they both believe in the Catholic Faith.

I say the cardinals put Francis on trial, with Cardinal Burke as judge. Find his election invalid based on the fact that cardinals have said they got together and plotted to elect him in violation of the rules, and send him back on the first bus back to South Americaville. I will be happy to pay the bus fare and send that old man back where he belongs.

Then we need to reconsecrate St. Peter's and the Vatican and Saint Mary Major (you don't put beach balls on the altar!) and try to correct the damage. The new pope needs to get ride of all heterodox cardinals like Marx and Kasper and Wuerl etc all on one day. The new pope needs to do what has to be done....cut out the cancer. There is what 18,000 Jesuits in the world. How many are loyal to the Church, a few hundred. Laicize the majority of them. Abolish all these so called religious orders of nuns and priests that promote heresy. Get rid of all of them. And the colleges and universities. Stop the word Catholic from 90% of them. Restore the old Mass and start teaching the Catholic Faith again. Oh and laicize Bergoglio on day one.

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong when somebody wants Gene to be the Pope.
Gene would be hiding guns under his vestments like he does a mass here in Macon.
Really????? Gene for Pope. Maybe the two of you could start your own Catholic Church.
You have no respect for the Holy Father. What a sin.

Rood Screen said...

If Gene (a.) is legally in possession of firearms, and (b.) has not used firearms in the commission of a crime, then what is the problem? And, what does his freedom to arm himself have to do with this post?

Gene said...

Anonymous @ 1:55...I don't wear vestments to Mass in Macon. Having no respect for the individual who is Pope is no sin.

Anonymous said...

"You have no respect for the Holy Father. What a sin."

You are right I don't have any respect for a pope who teaches that if adulterers find it to difficult to stop fornicating that they can keep on doing it AND go to communion and confession. That is evil. Then why do I or anyone else have to go to confession if adulterers don't have to?

TJM said...

The problem is, Pope Francis, like most cardinals, bishops, and priests,have made a deal with Mammon. They dance around the greatest two evils today, abortion and gay marriage, in order not to offend or risk their comfortable lives. Instead they need to emulate Pius XI, who condemned the Nazis and Fascists, for their sick, twisted ideologies, and condemn Barack Obama, a truly evil man, and forbid Catholics in the US, upon pain of excommunication, to vote for Democrats, like Hillary Clintoon, and mega fake Catholic Tim Kaine, for president and vice president. But they won't. Therefore unless they confess their apostasy, they will join Lucifer.

Paul said...

My wife was married in 1995 in a somehow joint Catholic Anglican ceremony. This marriage was not annulled until several years ago.

My wife was baptised a protestant and only became Catholic after birth of her son and first child, now my step son.

My step son is quiet, Catholic and has a sense of humour.

When his protestant side say or hint he can be any religion he wants when he will soon be 18 he has occasionally replied that at 18 he might become a Muslim.

Regardless, what he decides at 18 I believe he is already a fine young man.



I only know from my reading what the annulment process is like in the USA. If it is like how I know how some dioceses in Australia, NZ and Canada, then many I believe are right to either regard the process as either a joke or with bitterness.

Anonymous 2 said...


Didn’t you forget an admonition: “Vote for Saint Donald? This is the only sure way to salvation.”