Thursday, January 21, 2016


Popes Benedict and Francis blessed the lambs that will provide the wool to make the palliums, or stoles, for the new metropolitan archbishops. This tradition goes back many years, and also marks the Feast of Saint Agnes. .

Pope Benedict's style of blessing:

Pope Francis' style of blessing today, January 21, 2016:

By the way, both forms on the one rite of blessing lambs is valid!

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Anonymous said...

"Both forms are valid!" Well considering it's not a sacrament, and no Matter and Form is involved I don't see what validity has to do with anything. But I understand what you are trying to rationalize everything.

What comes to mind when I see Pope Benedict and Francis in both settings is the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector.

Pope Benedict has humbled himself by veiling his very person, his character in the papacy and put on the new man, which in his case is Peter. When you look at Pope Benedict I see continuity with the past, a rock, stability. Love for the liturgy and graciousness to his guests.

When I see Francis I think of the Pharisee. Look at me how humble I am. I don't need all the silly trappings that all the pope's before me wore because they were wrong and hated the poor. Thank god I am not like all my predecessors. I am finally bringing the Church in line with the gospel. I also see complete and utter disdain for tradition and liturgy. Absolutley I see the Pharisee.

But I must say in defense of Francis that it is best that he not wear papal choir dress because he doesn't have the deportment to carry it off. He would look silly. The clown nose fits him much better. And I must say God is just. For 50 years the Chuch has betrayed the Faith and God has given us the pope we deserve.