Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just one of the many reasons the Anglican Communion is in such disarray, Bishop Eugene Robinson and his "husband."

This week five Anglican bishops resigned their positions with the Church of England and intend to become part of the new structure in the Roman Catholic Church for former Anglicans. One of them says thousands of lay Anglicans will swim the Tiber to Rome. Time will tell.

Read the Herald Sun article from the United Kingdom Here, by pressing this sentence! Thousands tipped to desert Church of England and follow bishops to Rome (Herald Sun)

I feel for traditional Anglicans and Episcopalians who have had their Church hijacked by extreme left wing social engineers in their denomination who prefer a post-Christian Anglican Communion. In doing so they have set in motion the destruction of their institution and have thumbed their noses at the Anglican/Catholic dialogue which for years had striven to bring the two Communions back together again. In the 1970's there was actual hope that this might happen. Positions that the Anglicans have taken beginning with ordination of women to their priesthood and subsequent more radical positions have moved the Church of England further away from Roman Catholicism, more so than at any point since King Henry VIII brought Catholicism in England into open schism.

Pope Benedict has found another way to bring Anglicans back to the full communion of their Church. He is the pope of Christian unity!


Anonymous said...

They need this badly. The UK is starving for Something More, and is bereft of spirituality and respect of life. I think Satan struck them particularly hard to silence their Tongue. Poor Prince Charlie, I wonder where he will turn?

SqueekerLamb said...

All the controversy and attention has been 'too stressful' to his marriage, so he must resign.
Oh, that's so sad.
I'm being sarcastic.

Gene said...

What can you expect from a church founded upon adultery from the beginning?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually, it was a king in adultery wanting a sacramental marriage but not able to procure an annulment who brought the entire Roman Catholic Church into schism; he didn't create a new Church as there is only one Church, the one Jesus founded and that Church, the Roman Catholic Church is the one and only non-denominational Church! The rest are either schismatic branches of the true church or new concoctions that are called "denominational or non-denominational." So, in a sense, what Pope Benedict is doing by allowing Anglicans to return to the full communion of THEIR Church, meaning the Roman Catholic Church, is an act of kindness, of course those who return to the full communion of THEIR Church, have to accept what the Church teaches in the area of faith, morals and canon law, not to mention the primacy of the Pope.

Gene said...

I stand corrected, "ecclesial community" founded upon adultery. It may be asked, however, at what point does a church cease to be a church. The Anglicans certainly push the envelope.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

They've never been a Church but a schism within the true Church. That's what I mean when I say that Pope Benedict has made a way for them to return to "THEIR" Church--their Church is our Church. No matter how schismatic they have become, as long as they have a valid baptism, which they do, they are a part of the Roman Catholic Church, but not in full communion. This can be said of any "ecclesial communion" or "denomination" that has a "valid" baptism.
Now as it concerns the Orthodox Churches, we can rightly call them Churches, not ecclesial communions, as they have preserved the validity of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, i.e. bishop,priest and deacon; and preserved orthodox doctrine. Yet they are in schism with the True Church, meaning the one led by the Holy Father, the pope, but they have not melted down, like so many of the Protestant Communions which eliminated all of the sacraments except two, Baptism and Holy Communion. Unfortunately for them, you need a valid priesthood for Holy Communion, thus they only have one sacrament, Holy Baptism.

Gene said...

I have some questions regarding the photo and the caption: Does the "bishop" ever get to be the wife? Does hubby ever get to wear the "bishop's" outfit? How does the "bishop" ever find heels and a purse to go with that ensemble?

Gene said...

I'm sorry, I meant, "Does the bishop ever get to be the husband?" These matters, like today's sexual preferences, are very confusing.

The only proper response to the above photo being one of ridicule, I offer the following:

An Anglican bishop named Gene
Made a magnificent queen.
His taffeta gown,
With the hem to the ground,
Made all the girls swoon and turn green.

Gene said...

One would think, given recent history and the negative press regarding the Church, that the level of scrutiny and the demand for absolute integrity...not to mention good judgement...would be at the peak. Has everyone in the USCCB completely lost their (expletive deleted) mind?

Gene said...

My last post should have gone under the USCCB article.

Gerbert said...

That photo just makes me nauseous. This is what happens when authority is tossed aside. If anyone wants to know why we have a Pope, here is a prime reason.

I propose an exchange, we get the traditional Anglicans, and they can have the left wing loons in the Catholic Church, and all will be better off. lol

Templar said...

Every time that photo gets posted on the internet I'm positive an Anglican swims the Tiber.

Mack beat me to the send button on the idea of a mutual exchange of our libs for their conservatives.

Gene said...

Fr. won't post my limmericks about the pic (*frown*) least he has good judgement. LOL!

Gene said...

I'm sitting here suddenly laughing...that pic looks like a really twisted, "American Gothic." One of you Photoshop wits ought to put a barn behind the,er,couple...LOL!