Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Many people suggest that many of the presumed flubs of Pope Benedict's papacy are flubs. But others say everything he does is intentional. He knows what he is doing and he certainly knows what he is saying!

I would even go as far as to suggest that everything that the Holy Father has done even in the most controversial of situations has been intended by him to make the points he wishes to make even more explicit.

This Holy Father knows what he is doing and what he is saying! And as Pope, His Holiness does it in a way that has not been seen or experienced before. From Islam, to Judaism to the hermeneutic of reform within continuity, to condoms and sexual abuse, he is like the great teacher he is, provocative and instigating reaction and reflection. He is a great teaching pope the likes we have not seen recently.


Gene said...

I suppose it is the media that have suggested it is a trainwreck. I rather think it is one of the more powerful papacies in a long time. Controversial? Another media catch word. What is controversial about insisting upon right belief, right action, and right celebration of the Mass? I guess these things haven't been insisted upon in so long that it seems controversial.

Gerbert said...

I have no doubt the Holy Father is in complete control of what he says and what he is doing. He has a unique ability to hit issues and a person head on, grab their attention and then articulates his position with profound clarity. He has not backed down from anyone, he is courageous, focused and dedicated to the task at hand. At the same time he is a most wonderful pastor, who can show true empathy, and concern for his flock, then provide cortective measures with genuine kindness. This is an awesome pope, the Church is truly blessed. Long live Pope Benedict XVI!

Anonymous said...

I recall when he was cardinal he suggested the Church may have to get smaller to grow. He seems to be helping reestablish the old boundaries and letting people sort themselves on either side of the line.


SqueekerLamb said...

ditto to what mackja wrote..i wouldn't change a word.
Well said!

I was happy the day he was elected!and still am!

Anonymous said...

I have gotten to be a better Catholic and know about my Faith directly as a result from this Papacy. He will probably be for my lifetime "My Holy Father" most loved. I am most grateful to him and for what he does for the Church. Allowing Tradition and the Tridentine Mass to flourish again in the Church is showing positive results everyday. He has corrected a huge wrong in the Church.

Anonymous said...

And the media will glorify him during the next Pontificate. Bordering on hate and slander one minute then remembering the "good" the next, after someone is gone. I have truly seen how the Catholic Church is the punching bag for religion and the Pope indeed suffers a great deal for it. It must mean the Church is doing something right.

Gene said...

If you are taking flak, it means you are over the target.