Saturday, November 20, 2010


On Thursday night we had a new member begin our RCIA. He has attended St. Joseph Church with his wife who is Catholic, for the last 20 years. He finally decided to come on over! So he introduced himself to me before the class began.

That night I showed a video of a teaching Mass I celebrated for the RCIA about four years ago. Of course I was much younger then. Then we went upstairs to the Church after the class to rehearse the Rite of Welcome which we will celebrate on Christ the King Sunday at our 9:30 AM Solemn Sung Mass.

After the rehearsal, the gentleman, who is a dermatologist, ask to see me in private in the sacristy. He told me that he noticed on the video he watched that I did not have the little bump of skin that is under my nose. He asked to look at it more closely. He said to me I think that bump is a basal cell carcinoma. I said, what do you mean, it's just a wart that I need to buy some wart removal for!

He said, come by on Friday (yesterday) and see me in my office. I did, he took a biopsy and is convinced it is a carcinoma! In about ten days I'll have it removed. He also found another suspicious looking area, but wasn't sure about it and did a biopsy on it too.

Post biopsy look!

Now if this dermatologist hadn't shown up, God only knows when I would have gone to have my wart checked out! God works in mysterious ways.

By the way we have 16 unbaptized catechumens and 20 baptized candidates for the RCIA process. Wow!


Anonymous said...

I am glad the doctor took action and you cooperated. This can be a lesion to all of us.

Maybe we can have a collection of doctors do the airport security screening and provide comments on the various oddities they spot during the scan and hand search.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Sounds like divine intervention to me. If the dermatologist is the same as the one that I am thinking of, you can add this to the story, his initials are "JC". Glory to God.

Unknown said...

You don't look that old...but that may be cause I'm older:)