Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's have the Extraordinary Mass with the Ordinary Propers, lectionary and calendar

Yesterday I celebrated the EF Low Mass. It was Tuesday and I had to use the "Feria" Mass which meant using the 4th Sunday of Advent Mass. There was no special Mass for December 22 as there is for the Ordinary Mass.

In this regard the 1970 Missal is in fact much richer in prayers and options. There are different readings for each daily Mass, unlike the EF which is extremely limited for daily Mass.

I pray that one day, the Holy Father would just give permission for the Extraordinary form of the Mass be celebrated in terms of its order and unchanging parts with the Ordinary Form Mass's calendar, propers and lectionary. Allow the reading to be read at the ambo as in the OF Mass with lay lectors and responsorial psalm. Then the Mass whether it is EF or OF would be the same except for the unchanging parts. I think the only draw back is that the introit of the OF Mass would need to be modified so that it could be sung as in the EF form with the Gloria Patri, antiphon and versicle. Other than that I don't think there would be a big problem at all. And allow all the changing proper parts to be said or sung in the vernacular as in the OF anyway, like the collect, prayer over the gifts (secret) preface (preface dialogue still in Latin) prayer after communion. I think most parishes would eat this up!

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