Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beyond Belief and beyond disgusting

Last night the CBS Evening News did a story on an abortionist in Kansas who brags that he does about 3500 abortions every year and many of them late term abortions. I think the reporter tried to be unbiased in the report and simply report the facts. This doctor, though, is a mass murderer the likes of which would make John Wayne Gacy blush. Adolph Hitler would certainly feel at home with him.

During the report a woman who was clearly and visibly quite pregnant, maybe six months or more, came to this doctor for an abortion. The reason was that she had another baby that she had to put up for adoption and this caused her severe emotional trauma. So with her current baby allowing the abortionist to murder him/her was a better solution to her emotional anxiety. I hope the viewing audience understood the narcissism of this way of thinking. It makes one wonder why there are not clinics to bring your new borns that you don't want to be murdered to spare the anxiety of having someone else rear the baby. This report was beyond shocking.

The reporter asked a protester outside the clinic who carried a large, graphic photo of a late term aborted baby why he was there, after all abortion is legal, even late term abortions in Kansas. The protester said, you know as well that killing Jews and gypsies as well as other undesirables in Nazi Germany was legal too. Did that make it right? Should not more of Germany and the world spoken up about what was happening in Nazi Germany and did not? He also stated that slavery was legal in this country. Did that make it right? Should there not have been a Civil War to rid this country of its presence? Of course we all have seen pictures of the death of starved, naked Jews, thousands of them in concentration camps. We seen explicit photos of blacks who were lynched. These photos are displayed prominently in some places to show the horror of what happened so that it won't happen again. Yet when pro-life people display the graphic photos of aborted babies, pro choice people ridicule them, but they would never ridicule the other graphic photos I describe.

You know this protester was right. Nonviolent action is needed. Sometimes nations can declare war on those who promote the destruction of human life like our nation did in World War II and is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Church also allows for the Just War theory for nations. This does not apply to individuals, we can't declare war on anyone and then take the law into our own hands. But we can protest and we can fight for the changing of laws. We can do what Martin Luther King, Jr. did to help overcome the laws of segregation and the mentality of prejudice. He did so non-violently and he was never deterred when violence was directed his way or he was arrested and put into jail. He knew that his non-violent cause was just and would win in the long run and it did. So too in the non-violent fight for the right to life of the unborn!

Katie Courick in introducing the story acknowledged that abortion is a very polarizing issue in America and that everyone knows the violence associated with abortion clinics leading to deaths. Of course she meant those isolated incidences where individuals taking the law into their own hands have murdered abortionists. I think there has only be one abortionist murder recently, the one in Kansas. It was left to the viewers to realize that the real horror of violence is the death of scores of babies in these clinics day in and day out. The abortionist interviewed bragged that he performed more than 3500 abortions annually and many of them late term. If that is not violence that should galvanize a nation I don't know what is. God have mercy on us that the vast majority of Americans and the world look the other way. And the secular press has the audacity to criticize bishops who took inadequate steps in the sex abuse scandal in the Church? Give me a break! And yet they show no outrage or indignation at an abortionist who murders 3500 children every year? Talk about bankrupt morality! There were no hard questions hurled at the abortionist. Could you imagine the type of questions hurled at a bishop who did little to supervise a pedophile priest? The reporter would have tried his/her best to humiliate the bishop for his inaction and incompetency by the hard questions asked.

If you saw this report, what impression did you have? Would it make a pro-choice person think again or not? Was it pro-life or pro-abortion? Was it neither? Did it have a bias?


Gene said...

I did not see it, but hearing about it makes me sick. On a side note, Katie Couric is a moron.

-Brian said...

Yes, I did see the piece. I think the presentation of any controversial issue... that you find yourself in the middle of, will make you think again about your position...I believe that re-thinking, or providing motivation to negative second thoughts about what you will do is very unique to the person. Maybe it will and maybe it won’t make a pro-choice person have doubts.

I believe that the piece was operating an agenda that enforced the acceptability of homicide. So, it was pro-choice. For example, the piece imaged the law of the land embracing the doctor and the infanticide clinic. Also, the doctor was imaged with his professional sovereignty and veteran status using these as authority to exercise his activities with impunity. Next, the protestors did not have any background done on them to establish their credibility as a reasonable voice. They were shown as irrational for standing out in the cold and they were imaged to suit a fit in the “crazy religious right” religious-political faction. The belief in God was on stage in the questioning of a protestor’s prospective on the doctor’s salvation. All of this cultivated a pro-choice platform. So, yes it was typically biased.

I think (and the literature will back this up) that TV is currently the quintessential market tool. It has no other purpose...everything on it is meant to bring you to a product. Interestingly, my experience has shown me that the majority of young persons know this (current participant observation of campus life). It enforces the viewer to play the role of consumer, or producer, or in the 21st century... “prosumer”! So, it will be biased to the sale. What’s for sale here in this piece??? Death hastening.

Assisted suicide is legal in at least 29 states! In a study of the treatment of the elderly in 41 countries (out of the CIA’s 220 something recognized sovereignties) were sampled randomly and researchers found some form of death hastening behavior in over half of them! Great Briton (a core nation according to Wallerstein) would be one of them, and has splashed the marketed news (BBC) with their government’s prioritizing of assisted suicide candidates!

Yes, it is outrageous, sickening, “dumbfounding,” and scary

Templar said...

Didn't see it, at least in part because my viewing of main stream channels is minimal, and that never includes the news outlets which I can no longer stomach for reasons such as this post relates.

That having been said, I will offer up prayers for this doctor, that Mother, and the poor child whose life they conspired to end.

Abortion will not always be legal in America. The other side is killing themselves off.

Robert Kumpel said...

I did not see it. but the first part brings to mind the words of talk-radio advice guru Dr. Laura Schlesinger. Whenever a pregnant woman calls in who is thinking of an abortion, Dr. Laura asks her to consider putting the baby up for adoption instead. When the young woman invariably says, "Oh, I could never give my baby away!" Schlesinger counters with, "So you can kill your own child, but you can't say goodbye?"

I am not sure if the number is six or seven, but that is the sum total of people who have been killed by anti-abortion violence in the United States since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 2003. Yet, to listen to the "mainstream" media, you would think that every clinic has mad bombers trying to beat the doors down and that those people holding rosaries or offering to help women with their babies outside are fronts for Al Quaeda.

Take a look at how many people died in violence associated with the civil rights movements and other protest movements of the 1960's. Abortion has killed nearly 50 million people.

I do not want to discount the deaths of the six or seven who were killed by obviously deranged people who thought they were advancing the pro-life cause, but no one ever bothers to point out that every one of those killings were committed by people who were on the fringe of the pro-life movement and every mainstream pro-life leader condemned those killings. Cardinal O'Connor of New York even said, "If someone out there wants to kill an abortion doctor, kill me instead."

Do not expect a credible examination of the abortion problem from the "mainstream" media. The election of 2008 made it all too clear that they only represent the main stream of America's left.

Anonymous said...

I did not see it.
Yet, I imagine that it got the response it was after, namely increased ratings.
The news media has long ago lost its own moral compass. One must understand that its all about ratings and money for them, nothing more. Its just business to them.
Perhaps CBS did the pro-lifers a big favor, helping to galvanize us.