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Child abuse comes in many forms

This is a letter to the editor of the Augusta Chronicle that I wrote and recently found online (the internet is amazing and scary!)It was the result of an editorial in that newspaper at the height of the Boston scandal that I felt I needed to respond to. The Augusta Chronicle was always very kind to print almost everything I sent to them and sometimes as a op ed piece.

Web posted Thursday, August 7, 2003
| Letter to the Editor

Regarding The Chronicle's July 28 editorial, "Abuse report shocks," on the sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church in Boston: Many legitimate points are made, especially concerning non-existing or weak state laws, as well as the statute of limitations, that make it impossible to prosecute anyone in Massachusetts, let alone Catholic bishops, on charges of causing harm to children.

Catholic League president William Donohue stated, "There is also a provision in Massachusetts law that demands prosecutors prove that bishops who transferred molesting priests did so with the intent of causing harm to children. Even the most outraged victims never made such a charge." The Chronicle should have pointed this fact out.

There's no doubt that laws should be made stronger to protect all children from abuse. We can only hope and pray that new laws will be enacted to protect unborn children from the scourge of abortion. How many more millions of these children will have to suffer the physical abuse of abortion that always leads to their death before Supreme Court justices, politicians and society in general lay down the law?

It's tragic there's no shock or outrage expressed against those who enable abortion such as Supreme Court justices and pro-choice politicians. Abortion mills, like Planned Parenthood and others, continue their shocking abuse and killing of innocent life ... precisely because no one in the government or the courts prevents them.

Your editorial states, "When it comes to child abuse, there should be no off position on the prosecution switch." Unfortunately, the hypocrisy of the liberal press and pro-choice politics makes that impossible.

Father Allan J. McDonald, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is the pastor of the Catholic Church of the Most Holy Trinity.)

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Anonymous said...

Hope that article helped (and helps) people see the connection between child sexual abuse and abortion.

On the surface, to many people, they seem like disparate issues.

Yet, it's a sobering realization to many.

A realization that many others still don't want to face.
They don't want to face it because if they do then it means they must have a change of heart, and they must admit to themselves the grave horribleness, sinfullness, of their prior way of thinking. Even if that prior way of thinking was motivated by well-meaning intentions.

Again, here is an example of a result of a culture devoid of personal accountability, avoidance of the concept of sin, and aversion to feeling guilty.
(Sounds like a few posts ago)

Hmmm..interesting how the truth permeates EVERYTHING.

to paraphrase Ghandi (whom many didn't know was a fan of the Gospels:

One cannot live rightly in one area of life, while living wrongly in another. It is one whole indivisible truth.