Friday, April 21, 2017


Boston has been closing ethnic city parishes right and left, but now is opening a newly built one downtown which will so be consecrated. Nice, no?
An interior view of the church Our Lady of Good Voyage in Boston.

An interior view of the church Our Lady of Good Voyage in Boston.
Sister Caterina and Sister Veritas were letting people know the Our Lady of Good Voyage exists.
Sister Caterina and Sister Veritas were letting people know the Our Lady of Good Voyage exists.


Anonymous said...

The building is fine.

The important thing is that Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the sacraments offered in it are done reverently and in obedience to the rubrics. If the priests and nuns assigned, preach and live the authentic Catholic Faith, then the Church will flourish. If Catholicity is promoted, i.e. Things like processions, benediction of the MBS, the rosary, Marian devotion, devotion to the saints etc is fostered then the Faith will grow. If not it will be sold to a bunch of Muslims in a few years.

rcg said...

I think it looks nice, although I don't care for all the light colors. They are tough to keep clean.

It has the Tabernacle on the main altar and it looks like they have made design allowances for a traditional Mass ad orientem. They need an altar rail and a couple more candel sticks.

Anonymous said...

Without question, this church is beautiful, has traditional features and as noted by commenter 'rcg', has been designed to allow for ad orientem worship. Clearly, time and thought were given to creating a harmonious space free from distractions (e.g. oddly arranged fixtures, asymetrical arrangement of fixtures and decoration, odd placement of instruments, sanctuary clutter including banners and excessive seating etc.) that pays homage to Roman Catholic tradition. Again, I agree with commenter 'rcg' that the addition of an altar rail would enhance completeness. Perhaps, in time, one will be installed. While I could be very happy attending in this space, as someone who also attends both the Divine Liturgy as well as the Extraordinary Form of Mass, I hope to one day see perfection be achieved by having a unified high altar as opposed to the separated but clearly complimentary fixtures found here. That aside, in 2017 terms, this to me is well done.

Michael said...

As others have said, this church is certainly nice, and an improvement over many of them being made today. I have one (small) thing I would change, if I had the option:

Arched windows! Both this church and my FSSP parish (designed specifically for the EF, with a high altar, altar rail, and the like) have rectangular windows, and, especially from the outside, they just look kind of sterile compared to arched ones.

A minor complaint, though. Kudos to everyone who worked on this overall. I'm a fan.

Henry said...

Description of the sacred music program for the Mass of Dedication of this new church:

Mentions that the Victimae Paschali laudes chant was sung before the Gospel, the Mass being celebrated on a day within the Octave of Easter. (It was heard daily at OF Mass this week at a parish near me. How about at yours, Fr. McDonald?)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes local regulations require rectangular windows, esp in areas dominated by Federal style buildings.

Anonymous said...

The Archdiocese has been closing down churches left and right for years especially ones that are still pre-Vatican II i.e. High altar, communion rail, states, central crucifix and tabernacle, kneelers and a German parish in the city that still offered the TLM in Boston proper, and now they are building new ones??? So destroy wonderful and TRADITIONAL churches and build Novus Ordo "buildings" most strange indeed, how about stop the nonsense of the last 50 years bring back the TRUE MASS AND SACRAMENTS and be done with the "MAN MADE" Novus Ordo once and for all!